Everything A Guy Needs To Know About Condoms

everything you need to know about condoms

Condoms are something many of us depend on but are often embarrassed to actually go buy. And when it comes to exploring more than just the safety they offer, many of us do not want to be the guy standing there reading the box.

While the basics of condoms have remained fairly constant for a while, the features have certainly changed a lot in the last five years. If it has been a while since you have had to worry about this kind of performance, use this guide as a starting point for making a more informed purchase.

How Long Do Condoms Last?

First, if you have a stash from back in the day, pull it out and look at them to make sure they are still good. Yes, condoms do expire, and you run the risk of them being ineffective if they are past the expiration date.

Generally speaking, latex condoms are good for between four and five years from the date they are manufactured. There are some conditions that cause them to go bad more quickly, but we’ll talk about that later.

When you purchase condoms, be sure you check the expiration date, especially if you find a sale. The last thing you want is to find a “great buy” only to find out they are expired when things are heating up.


How Old Do you Have To be To Buy Condoms?

There is actually no age restriction for purchasing condoms. Some store cashiers may ask for an ID when purchasing them, but they cannot refuse to sell them to you based on your age.

If you are carded, you can simply reply that there is no age requirement for this purchase. You can also go through the self-checkout in many retailers, or go to a different store to make the purchase.


Can You Buy Condoms Online?

There are many places you can purchase condoms online. However, there are a few considerations before placing your order.

First, be sure you are not purchasing novelty items, which may not offer the protection you need. These can be glow in the dark, flavored, or even printed. Be sure whatever you purchase is FDA approved to ensure they do the job properly.

Next, you want to be sure they are not past their expiration date. If the price seems too good to be true, trust your gut.

When purchasing condoms online, buy from a respected retailer with reviews. If you purchase from a marketplace like Amazon, be sure to review the reputation of the seller before making a purchase.


How Much Do Condoms Cost?

Condoms will range in cost depending on the brand and style you purchase. For most basic packs, which include three condoms, you can expect to spend between $2 and $6. You can purchase larger packs which will usually drop your per-unit cost, as well as buy more sophisticated condoms (like ribbed, extra thin, or special lubricants) which may increase the cost.


How Often Do Condoms Break?

Condom breaks are relatively rare when they are used correctly, which estimates being about one in every 250 condoms. The key is that you put it on correctly, use the right lube, store it properly, and use them before its expiration date.


How To Store Condoms?

Condoms need to be kept in a cool dry place in order for them to continue to be good. If you leave them in your car or carry them in your wallet in your back pocket, you are more likely to have one break. The heat makes the latex breakdown quickly more likely to break.

responsible condom use is important for men as part of sexual health

How Can You Make Condoms Feel Better?

One chief complaint about condoms from both men and women is how they feel, and the loss of the intimate feeling when used. There are a couple of ways to deal with this. First, consider using thinner condoms to reduce the latex feel.

Next, use a lube that feels good for both you and your partner. Some people enjoy a warming lube. Others prefer the “his” and “hers” combos, which provides a little different experience for both of you. Experiment with your partner to find what you both like. The key is to talk with your partner to find what will work for both of you.

How To Dispose Of Condoms?


First, be sure to remove the condom correctly by pinching the tip and rolling down the condom. Once you have it removed, tie it off to keep everything contained, and then wrap it in toilet paper and toss it in the trash. Do not flush a condom, as it can easily clog your pipes.

What Size Condom Do You Need?


Believe it or not, condoms are not all one-size-fits-all. Rather, there are generally three different sizes, and it is important to make sure you use the right one. If your condom is too big, you run the risk of it slipping off. If it is too small, you increase the risk of breakage. This is why you need to take the time to find the right size.

To get the right size, you need to measure the length and circumference of your erect love muscle. For length go from the base all the way to the tip. For width, measure the widest part of your Johnson.

Most latex condoms are the “standard” size. These tend to have a length of 7.25 to 7.8 inches and a circumference of 1.75 to 2 inches.

Some men want to jump right to the larger condoms, and to their own peril. The larger size condoms accommodate a width greater than 2 inches and a length between 7.25 and 8.1 inches.

There are also snug fit condoms available if you need something a bit smaller. These a width of under 1.75 inches and between 7.0 and 7.8 inches in length.

Aside from the right fit, all the other features are highly personal to you and your partner. You may enjoy thins, but your partner may enjoy ribbed. Talk with your partner, and find what works for both of you. Bedroom discontentment comes more from a lack of communication rather than skill.

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