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here's how to rent a stylish car for a great price

Are you looking to rent a car for cheap? Perhaps you are going on a vacation with your family and wish to rent a vehicle so you can explore your holiday destination? Maybe you are going on a business trip and need a rental car to get about? Whatever your requirements may be, there is certainly a lot to consider when it comes to hiring a car. You need to ensure you choose the right vehicle for your needs. Moreover, car rentals can typically be very expensive, and so getting a good deal is of course important. Read on to discover the aspects you should think about when making your decision…

 Compare The Actual Prices Of Different Options

There is only one place to begin and this is of course with the price of the rental. There is a lot more to this point than meets the eye. Not only do you need to think about the total cost of renting, but you also need to look at the payment structure and you will also need to discover whether there are any additional fees such as cleaning fees, taxes, insurance, extra driver fees, and more. The options are nearly endless and the car rental companies have done an amazing job at hiding the actual cost of your car rental. Despite an advertised rate sometimes as low as only $25, the actual daily rate can easily double or triple that number if you aren't savvy.

Options For Renting A Car

In years past, renting a car was limited to the major rental companies such as Enterprise, Alamo, National, Thrifty, Budget and a handful of others. The secret though is that multiple of these brands are actually owned by the same company. For instance, Enterprise Holdings actually owns Alamo, Enterprise, and National. Similarly, Avis Budget Group owns Avis and Budget, but also Zipcar, Payless Car Rental, and a handful of other smaller brands too. Today though, there are many other options for renting a stylish car besides paying for a premium category at the traditional rental car companies

How To Get A Premium Car From The Big Rental Companies, Without Paying a Premium Price

The next thing you need to assess is the company you are renting from. Do they have a good reputation? It is always advisable to read the reviews that have been left by previous customers. What have they had to say about the service they received? Would they recommend the company? Were they easy to deal with? Was the company strict with their extra fees and such like? Were there any hidden charges? By reading reviews you will get an honest assessment of the company in question. If there are any red flags you will pick up on them and know to look elsewhere. 

Once you've decided what company to go with, check for affinity programs offered through your loyalty programs including frequent flyer, cell phone company, or AAA. Sometimes these organizations qualify you for free upgrades and other discounts. If not, always ask what upgrade options are available. I've occasionally received incredible complementary upgrades because the rental company may have been short on a mid-sized sedans but had extra full-sized SUVs. You can always ask about these upgrades and be very firm on what you are willing to pay. The worst that happens is they say no.

Explore Sharing Economy Options Like Turo

Companies like HyreCar, Getaround, Car2go, and Turo have taken the world by storm and allow individual owners to list their vehicles for short-term rental. Often you will find that the prices offered by these car sharing apps and services will be very competitive for teh price and offer a variety and selection of vehicles that are much more stylish than what you will find in standard categories offered by car rental companies.

Consider An Extended Test Drive From a Dealership

One lesser known option for a car rental is to visit a local dealership and ask if they can offer an extended test drive. While this isn't going to work if you need a car rental at the airport, it is a perfect option if you are planning a weekend getaway. Different dealerships have various policies but many locations will allow serious buyers to borrow a car for more than the standard hour you would normally spend doing a test drive. Rates will range from free to a nominal fee that is comparible to car rental companies but with less hassle and a much nicer vehicle.

Premium Car Rental Companies 

There's a final option that right now falls into a category of its own. Silvercar rents premium vehicles exclusively from Audi. This includes a collection of luxury Audi vehicles including the Q7 full-sized SUV, Q5 mid-sized SUV, A5 cabriolet, and A4 passenger sedan. While these vehicles all fall into the premium and luxury rental categories offered by the big name brands, you'll find the prices here are incredibly reasonable. Not only that, but they offer an app-based, contactless, delivered to you service similar to the sharing economy options - except you are guaranteed to get a new luxury car in great condition backed essentially by the manufacturer instead of an individual.

For example, on a quick comparison, of Silvercar vs Enterprise in Charlotte, NC, for $72 per day you can get a Dodge Grand Caravan or for only $30 more per day you can have an Audi Q7. I know which rental car option that I'd prefer. How about you?

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