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Kevin Wilkerson of PubClub.com on a rooftop in Croatia

I wrote this piece originally for my site, PubClub.com but wanted to share it with you guys here as well. My experience in Croatia was an amazing adventure that inspired me to continue expanding my horizons and return to exploring the world again the way I did before the Pandemic changed everything for many of us. For me, it allowed me open my eyes again and remember how much fun it was to travel, meet new people, explore pubs and party scenes in distant lands while sharing those tales with friends and family. Here's a brief tale about my time living the James Bond lifestyle at the Makarska Riviera in Croatia.

I didn’t drink any vodka martinis, have a bunch of cool gadgets given to me by a guy named Q or a Bond girl to accompany me everywhere. But other than those things, I did live the James Bond lifestyle while in the Makarska Riviera in Croatia.

I was at Bluesun Hotel Berulia on the Makarska Riviera in Croatia. Room 007. A bath robe hung on a hook by an all-glass shower by the bed. On the deck  were a pair of lounge chairs with towels. And a swim-up pool. Yes, a swim-up pool in room number 007. I was not shaken but was definitely stirred.

This is the James Bond room at the James Bond room at the Bluesun Hotel in Berulia, Croatia. Photo: PubClub.com

James Bond room key Bluesun Hotel Berulia CroatiaMy key to room 007 at the Bluesun Hotel in Berulia, Croatia. Photo: PubClub.com

James Bond room swim-up pool Bluesun Hotel Berulia CroatiaThe swim-up pool in the James Bond room at the Bluesun Hotel Berulia in Brela, Croatia. Photo: PubClub.com

This, and other things about the location, had me living the James Bond lifestyle at this beautiful location in Croatia, two hours up the coast from the city of Split. I went to the top of the mountains to walk on the Biokovo Skywalk hanging over the side. hiked the Napoleon French Road. toured the unique and technologically-advanced Botanical Garden Kotisina, did an olive oil tasting paired with Croatian wines and went down to the coast for cocktails and appetizers on the rooftop bar at Aminess Khalani Hotel, a beach walk in the beautiful area of Brela and dinner – and champagne – at the beachfront restaurant Arca. 

More than once I said to myself, “I must be dreaming.” 

Aminess Khalani Hotel Makarska Croatia rooftop bar cocktailsCocktails are served on the rooftop bar of Aminess Khalani Hotel in Makarska, Croatia. Photo: PubClub.com

Croatia Biokovo Skywalk glass walkwayHigh over Makarska at the Croatia Biokovo Skywalk. Photo: Steve Schwartz for PubClub.com

Arca beachfront restaurant Brela Croatia A beachside dinner at Arca in beautiful Brela, Croatia. Photo: PubClub.com

Makarska Riviera Brela CroatiaThe Makarska Riviera in Brela, Croatia is James Bond location. Photo: PubClub.com

It was my first trip to Croatia and the beauty of this area promises to stay with me longer than a scene from a Bond movie. The walk along the path that runs in front of the Bluesun was more alluring even than its large pool, and even the one out the door of my room. Although I most definitely did a few laps in the latter, then donned the robe and laid out in the sun on one of the reclining lounge chairs, acting very much like James Bond.

On the walk, I passed one stop-and-take-a-photo-or-video spot after another, so scenic it would stop Bond himself in his steps. The water was so clear and inviting that it practically dragged me into it as it quietly rolled into the shore or slapped against rocks. The only thing that broke my concentration was arriving at a small harbor. That, and a cool-looking beach bar where I unfortunately did not get to enjoy a vodka martini due to being on a tight schedule. Not even James Bond can do everything.

Eventually, I had to return home, and it was from Croatia with love. Yet I know this diamond is forever.

Originally published on PubClub.comLiving The James Bond Lifestyle At The Makarska Riviera In Croatia

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