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Do you want to become a better blogger? If so, this blog post is for you. Whether someone has been blogging for years or they are just beginning, there are always ways that one can improve their skills and success as a blogger. In this post, we will talk about eight strategies that can help bloggers of any experience level find success through increasing their blog's traffic and conversion rates.

Whether you write your blog as a hobby blog and just enjoy the process, or you have a blog as a way to earn an income, you will want to find ways to make it better. The more people that find you online, the more that you can potentially earn, as well as meet like-minded people looking for the specific content that you have taken so long to curate. So if you’re looking for some ways to improve your blog, then here are some things to consider.

Improve Your Computer Skills

If you just started blogging as a way to write, then having to learn about HTML, web hosting, web design, and SEO can feel like you’re diving in at the deep end. However, if you take some time to improve your general computer skills, such as learning how to convert a pdf to docx, watermark an image, or improve your SEO skills, then these are all things that can help to improve your blog.

You might think these things are basic but it can save you a ton of time just knowing how to extract images from a doc file for instance instead of having to email the PR person and ask for images.

Of course, you can get advice from professionals on this, but having some know-how of your own is important.


Pick A Niche And Stick With It

It can be difficult to find the right niche. You could start out blogging about your favorite hobby or you might just decide that it’s what you want to write about, but this is a mistake. If you choose general topics and write on many different things, then people will search for those specific keywords and never see your blog post because they didn't know it existed in the first place! Instead of reaching as wide an audience as possible with every single thing that interests you (and therefore nobody), stick to one topic and do not wander off from there unless there's a really good reason like another story idea popping up inside your head.

Additionally, you'll want to have a niche that matches your goals for being a blogger. Are you writing to simply share your thoughts? Are you writing to make money? Are you writing to get free stuff like clothing, trips, video games, etc?

Those are all legitimate reasons to become a blogger.

If your goal is commercial though, you will need to match that goal with a content strategy to build an audience that the brands you are trying to reach want to engage with through your blog.


Create A Content Strategy And Build Content That Supports Your Niche

There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with simply wanting to share your random thoughts about a topic with anyone who might stop by to read your musings. Most people today though want to become a blogger because they see all the cool opportunities we get and want to live a similar lifestyle.

No matter how great you think your content is, you must ultimately create content about something that other people find valuable. If you fail this basic concept ... you'll never go anywhere.

For instance, if your goal is to create a blog about men's fashion then figure out what kind of man you want to speak to. What are his problems? What are his desires? What are his favorite brands?

Create content around those topics to attract search traffic as well as content that can be promoted through ads and social media to build an audience that will ultimately want to keep coming back for more.


Create Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content that people will keep coming back for time and time again. For example, if you write about parenthood or baby topics, then something like ‘what to pack in your hospital bag’ is something that will never get old or out of style. Recipes for the holidays are evergreen, as they will be searched for time and time again, as well as other topics. Of course, you can write niche opinion posts as and when required. But if improving traffic is your aim, evergreen content is important.


Write More Catchy Titles

If someone sees your post online, or searches for something related on a search engine, then a more catchy headline will help to get their attention. If you keep things quite bland, it won’t stand out, and a blogger with the more catchy title will get their view and click through. Titles are important for SEO too, so make sure that the title is relevant, but it is more interesting and catches people attention, rather than just being quite generic. 


Engage In Conversations On Other Blogs, Not Just Yours

This is a big one. If you do not engage with other blogs and social influencers, then your blog post may as well have been written in a vacuum and will be more or less useless to those who want some social interaction from the web. Most of us are on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at least once per day, so why not start commenting more? Start engaging with others online by leaving comments on their posts too - it can help them find your content later down the line if they decide that they like what you say!


Look for guest posts To Build Links And Increase Your Exposure

By getting guest posts from fellow bloggers or experts in the industry that your blog is in, it can be a win-win. It helps to get your blog seen by a new audience, as the guest poster will no doubt promote the content to others. Not only that, but it can help to establish your blog as more authoritative in the industry, and it helps the guest poster to get a backlink to their blog too. Look for guest posting opportunities for yourself too, where you can post on other people’s blogs, and it can make a big difference to the visibility of your own blog.


Don't Be Afraid Of Seeking Help From Automation Or Virtual Assistants

For those bloggers that are just beginning their journey or have a full-time job already, then it can be hard to do everything themselves. There are software tools and plugins available for bloggers to automate some of the tasks such as scheduling posts in advance on social media. This means that you don’t need to spend time sharing your content when you should be writing instead.

There are also AI tools such as Jarvis that can rapidly accelerate your blog writing by helping you better organize and then expand on thoughts you might have for blog post topics. Tools like this are very helpful but shouldn't ever fully replace your own expertise since AI will never be as smart as a true human expert.

Another option would be to hire a Virtual Assistant or VA. These helpers are useful if you want more people working on bringing visitors back to your website by commenting on other blog posts or outreach efforts like guest posting opportunities.

Just remember, don't worry about outsourcing these things; there's no shame in asking others for help with something! Plus, the hidden secret is that virtually all successful bloggers have a team to support them. That's true for us as well.

No matter what the aim is for your blog, getting more people to see it and improving what you do is never going to be a bad thing. A few simple steps can make a difference.

In this article, we have taken a look at five strategies that can help bloggers of any experience level find success. Whether you write your blog as a hobby or for profit, these tips will work for you and improve what you do online. So if you're looking to build an audience through blogging, then these simple steps are essential in improving the quality of your content.

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