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American's Favorite Pizza Brands Survey Results

Who has America's favorite pizza?

We have the results of our National Pizza Survey! Last month, we conducted two parallel surveys of more than 1,000 men in each to find out what pizza brands rank tops with American men. The first survey asked men to pick their "Favorite National Pizza Brand" while the second survey asked men to pick their "Favorite Frozen Pizza". While Pizza Hut and DiGiorno dominated the top of their respective categories it was clear 

One of the things unique about #MenWhoBlog is that while we love developing unique content, but we also have a vibrant network of male bloggers and social influencers who are part of the community and help influence us. This community is quite literally by bloggers for bloggers. Our objective is to be more than simply a random voice on the net shouting our thoughts and hoping people listen. We also want to avoid only sharing sponsored content with an implicit bias. Instead, we want to reach out and engage men and share their authentic opinions on brands and product categories that men love. That's why we're kicking things off for 2021 with a doubleheader, America's Favorite Pizza National Pizza Brand and America's Favorite Frozen Pizza.

While we recognize that there are some worthy local and regional competitors in this space, we've limited the conversation to ones that are currently nationally available so that the results would be more balanced and fair.


top national pizza chain national

Favorite National Pizza Brands:

  1. Pizza Hut
  2. Domino's Pizza
  3. Papa John's Pizza
  4. Little Caesars
  5. California Pizza Kitchen
  6. Papa Murphy's Pizza
  7. Marco's Pizza

top favorite freezer pizza national

Favorite Freezer Pizza Brands:

  1. DiGiorno
  2. Tombstone Pizza
  3. Red Baron Pizza
  4. California Pizza Kitchen Frozen Pizza
  5. Tony's Pizza
  6. Jack's Frozen Pizza
  7. Freschetta

(As a side note, we debated including Totinos and we LOVE their stuff, but it is in sort of its own category more of a snack food than a true pizza.)

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Regional Results Of Our National Pizza Survey

In addition to National results, we are sharing the regional results, as well.

Favorite National Pizza Brand

As we begin to go into regional favorites here, the results begin to become more interesting. For instance, you'll notice that Papa Murphy's who has a relatively limited national scope is hugely popular in the Western Region, while Papa John's - ranked #3 nationally is significantly less popular in the Western Region compared to its popularity among men in the South and Midwest.

top national pizza chain west results


top national pizza chain midwest results


top national pizza chain south results


top national pizza chain northeast results

Favorite Frozen Pizza Brand

Across all four regions, DiGiorno was the top frozen pizza brand in our survey. However, regional patterns are also evident here too. For instance, Jack's is disproportionally popular among Midwestern pizza lovers. The other striking thing we noticed from this survey is that even the least popular choices have significant popularity. 

From our own discussion during the live stream episode, it was clear that while these are all "frozen pizza" even the cheaper options such as Jack's and Tony's still have a place and a loyal following. 

top frozen pizza brands male consumers western region


top frozen pizza brands male consumers midwest region


top frozen pizza brands male consumers southern region


top frozen pizza brands male consumers northeast region


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