Who has America's favorite pizza?

With "The Big Game" coming up and fantasy football teams winding down for the season, there's one more showdown that is just getting started - Who Has America's Favorite Pizza! To sort things out, we're running a survey of more than 1,000 guys from around the country and we've sent some influencers from our network out to sample the goods themselves. Here's what's going on and what you can expect coming up ...

One of the things that makes this site unique is that we love developing unique content, but we also have a network of hundreds of male bloggers and social influencers who are part of the community. Our objective is to be more than simply a random voice on the net shouting our thoughts and hoping people listen. Instead, we want to reach out and engage men and share their opinions on brands we all love. That's why we're kicking things off with a doubleheader this month, America's Favorite Pizza National Pizza Brand and America's Favorite Frozen Pizza. While we recognize that there are some worthy local and regional competitors in this space, we've limited the conversation to ones that are currently nationally available so that the results would be more balanced and fair.

Over the next few days, we have a survey running where more than 1,000 men will respond to those two questions from the following choices. In parallel, we have a group of our members going out to do their own research. We'll then be coming back together on January 27th to share the survey results, our individual thoughts and the official #MenWhoBlog pick for our favorite pizza brands during a live stream show where you guys can join in and share your thoughts too.

Favorite National Pizza Brand Candidates

  • Domino's
  • Pizza Hut
  • Little Caesars Pizza
  • Papa John's 
  • Papa Murphy's 
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Marco's Pizza

Favorite Freezer Pizza Brands Candidates

  • DiGiorno
  • Red Baron
  • Jack's
  • Tombstone
  • Freschetta
  • California Pizza Kitchen Frozen Pizza
  • Tony's

(As a side note, we debated including Totinos and we LOVE their stuff, but it is in sort of its own category more of a snack food than a true pizza.)

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