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In partnership with ManTripping.com, we recently conducted a survey of more than 500 men and asked them on simple question, "Which of these options would be your top pick for a mancation?" Of the six choices, which included golfing in Florida, Skiing in Lake Tahoe, Sport Fishing in Puerto Vallarta, and Road Tripping on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, and a Dude Ranch Adventure in Montana - an Alaska Cruise with Land and Sea Tour was the top pick with 26.4% of the vote! 

A new survey conducted by ManTripping and #MenWhoBlog found that over 26 percent of more than 500 men said their top pick for a “mancation” would be an Alaska cruise bundled with a land tour. The other choices on the survey included a Florida golf trip, Kentucky Bourbon Trail road trip, Lake Tahoe ski trip, sport fishing in Puerto Vallarta or a Montana dude ranch adventure. The vacation options were selected based on the most popular topics on ManTripping.com and inquiries from readers compiled over the past nine years.

A “mancation” is a male-only vacation similar to a “girlfriends’ getaway,” but geared to men seeking to do traditionally masculine activities such as fishing, golf, sports, outdoor adventures, exploring military history, drinking alcohol, smoking cigars and enjoying manly foods such as steaks and burgers. While often portrayed in films as “boys behaving badly,” the concept is much broader than that. A mancation is an opportunity for men to unwind and explore their masculinity with male friends in an environment of comradery and companionship that is often difficult to achieve in daily life. The term became popularized by the 2006 Vince Vaugh movie “The Breakup,” but the concept has a long and storied history.

“Initially, I was surprised that an Alaska cruise ranked so high in the survey, but after thinking about it, the choice is obvious,” said James Hills, publisher of ManTripping and founder of #MenWhoBlog. “Men are looking for once-in-a-lifetime adventures and opportunities to engage our manliness that we tend to repress in modern society. A land and sea Alaska experience offers opportunities to enjoy a luxury, pampered experience on the ship, plus active excursions such as panning for gold, fishing trips, hiking on glaciers and following in the footsteps of legendary men who pursued adventures and explored the Alaskan frontier.”

Full results of the 2017 Mancation Survey

  • Alaska cruise with land and sea tour (26.4%)
  • Golf trip to a Florida beach resort (18.3%)
  • Road trip on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail (16.8%)
  • Ski trip to Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada (16.8%)
  • Sport fishing trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (12.6%)
  • Montana dude ranch adventure (9.1%)
  • Other Mancation Trends from the Survey

    While the Alaska cruise was the top result overall, respondents from the U.S. Northeast chose a golf trip to a Florida beach resort as their preferred mancation destination 28 percent to 25.8 percent for the Alaska Cruise.

    Among men ages 18-34 the top three results were: Alaska cruise (23 percent), Tahoe ski trip (20.5 percent) and Kentucky Bourbon Trail (19.3 percent). For ages 35-54 the top three results were: Alaska cruise (27.2 percent), Florida golf trip (21.3 percent), and Kentucky Bourbon Trail (20.1 percent) with Tahoe skiing slipping to 12.4 percent among that demographic.

    Sport fishing in Puerta Vallarta and Montana dude ranch choices were most popular in the South with 16.2 percent and 11 percent, respectively, but were still the least popular alternatives across all geographic regions.

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    About the Survey

    The mancation survey was conducted in partnership with #MenWhoBlog, an influencer community of more than 200 of the world’s top male bloggers, and conducted through Google Surveys during April 2017. During the process, 507 responses were collected from respondents in the United States and results were sorted by age and geographic groups.

    About ManTripping

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