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myCharge Hub Turbo giveaway

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to check out the new myCharge Hub Turbo during a few trips before the world shut down. As someone who travels a lot, I've gone thought a ton of different power banks of all different shapes, sizes, and capacities. I have tiny pocket-sized power banks and I have giant 200+ mha units used for camping to power radios and other emergency gear. However, for the most part they all share the same weakness. No matter how small, they all require you to have cords and an external charger to recharge the battery and your devices too. That's what I love about the myCharge Turbo Hub and while I'm excited to give one away for one of you lucky guys!

Even without being able to travel, I find that I use this charger around the house quite a bit too. For instance, if I am going downstairs to watch TV I can bring it with me to the couch or if I'm heading to the kitchen to make a recipe I can take it there with me as well.

To enter for a chance to win your very own myCharge Hub Turbo, please make sure to visit my original review on ManTripping.com as well as enter the giveaway widget below ...

If you are so excited that you want to buy it now, instead of waiting to see if you won, by all means please check out the reviews on Amazon.com and buy it today.

myCharge Hub Turbo 6,700 Giveaway