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Chrysler Pacifica minivan

The much maligned minivan seems to be having a bit of a transformative resurgence today and we're excited to talk about the things we love --- as well as hate --- about minivans including the Chrysler Pacifica. Join us in the conversation along with special guest Brian Swanson, Chief Engineer for Pacifica and some of our favorite blogger and influencer friends.

We'll be going live at 4pm PT (7pm ET) on Tuesday, April 20. 

 We'll be talking about minivans, why we love them, why some of us hate them and what the future has in store for this market segment. While the first part of the show will be focused on Chrysler's Pacifica, make sure not to miss the back half where we'll be discussing some of the other vehicles on the market today including Toyota's fantastic Sienna and the upcoming Kia Carnival.

This is a live and interactive show so please make sure to tune in and comment with your questions.

Blogger Guests:

James from ManTripping.com

Sujeet from GuysGab.com

Aaron Turpen (freelance auto writer)

Amelia from Motorhead Mama

Laura from We Got The Funk

Fadra from All Things Fadra