October Photography Challenge: Festive Fall Photos

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While much of being a great blogger is having something to say and being able to write it down - photography skills are essential too. My hope is that by launching this monthly photo challenge that we can have a fun way to showcase members of the #MenWhoBlog community and improve our skills at the same time. October's theme is "Festive Fall Photos". While some challenges may be more specific and focus on a specific technique, this one is wide open. Simply take an original photo depicting fall in your town or in one that you are visiting this month.

How and When do I Submit an Entry?

Entries are due by 11:59 pm PT on Oct 21 and will be posted shortly after that. Photos should be submitted through this link. All entries will be posted on this blog post with the photo title, description and link to your blog.

How will Feedback Be Conveyed?

Once this blog post is updated with the photos, each person submitting an entry is invited to create a comment thread below listing specific feedback requested. The community at large as well as others are invited to make comments, which will be moderated to ensure that they are constructive. Any rude, mean-spirited, or un-helpful comments will be removed. This is designed to be a fun activity and I hope that the community will be able to engage with this accordingly.

Festival Fall Photo Entries ...

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