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While we do our own campaigns, this organization likes to play friendly with other blogger networks. One of the most frequent questions that I get asked is "how do you get all those cool opportunities?" I've been fortunate that my background was in doing influencer relations for a variety of big brands prior to becoming a full-time blogger and so I built up a good network of people who have helped me out. The following is a list of my favorite blogger networks that work with male influencers.

Ok - so I have to put #MenWhoBlog at the top of the list. If you aren't already registered as a male influencer, make sure do that today. If You are a brand looking to work with male influencers, please let us know. We have a variety of opportunities ranging from Blogger Mancations to Sponsored Posts to Twitter Parties.

Some of these links may contain referral links where I make a commision based on people who sign up.

How To Use This List Of Blogger Networks and Influencer Agencies:

The agencies and networks below contain a combination of businesses that work with male influencers as well as dad bloggers. Some have specific onboarding pages where male influencers can fill out a form and register. However, others simply have a contact form that you should fill out and introduce yourself with a brief pitch email. I've found that while most of these influencer agencies target women and in particular mom bloggers and fashion / women's lifestyle influencers that they often have opportunities for men as well. The reality of being a male influencer is that we need to work harder and make sure to continuously promote ourselves and the awesome content that we create. This list should make that process easier!


These guys are the grand daddy of the sponsored content and are one of my most valuable sources for high-quality campaigns. IZEA tends to be extremely fair and very easy to work with in terms of both time allowed for the campaign and requirements to complete it. IZEA operates on a hybrid model, offering marketers self-serve tools as well as managed campaigns. They also allow you to bid on smaller projects such as sending a tweet out to promote something and this makes it awesome for those smaller bloggers who might not have great web traffic but are solid on Twitter and other social networks.

Find Your Influence

This is one of my favorite networks. Find Your Influence has managed campaigns but allows brands to join their platform as well. They determine your pay generally by the overall size of your network. This is good news for bloggers with large social following as well as a solid blog community since you will generally be well paid. 

Massive Sway / The SITS Girls

Don't let the title confuse you. While Massive Sway started out developing campaigns for moms and women influencers they are super friendly to guys who have men's lifestyle sites and in particular dad bloggers. I love working with them as well and they are super easy to work with, well organized and provide a variety of campaign opportunities ranging from Twitter Parties and Sponsored Social campaigns as well as sponsored blog posts.

Everywhere Society

Everywhere Society is more of a traditional agency that hires bloggers for specific campaigns. I've found them to be very easy to work with and they generally pay very well.


Speakr is a great agency that is very easy to work with and campaigns focus mostly on social media content rather than long form blog posts. 


Unlike most other networks, Cooperatize doesn't pay a flat rate per campaign. Instead they operate on a pay-per-view model where you bid on how many views you can drive to a story. This means that campaigns might pay $0.50 per view up to $250 total. This is a pretty fair model since you can drive views to a specific page pretty easily and advertisers and bloggers both win.

Blog Meets Brand

I really like working with Blog Meets Brand - they tend to be a smaller network but have really cool people working for them. It definitly doesn't feel corporate or dominated by "mom blogger" mentality and they are extremely easy to work with.


This is a fun network that's great for earning points by sharing content and winning gift cards and free product. Most campaigns on Crowdtap aren't paid but it is a fantastic way to start working with brands.

Activate By BlogLovin'

This network is primarily focused on food and home products but Activate by BlogLovin' has a constant feed of new campaigns to apply for.


CLEVER has a good variety of fun campaigns and they are typically very easy to work with.


Linqia's campaigns operate on a pay-per-click basis and so it can be tough for some bloggers. However, I've discovered that the key here is to do the blog post as required and then drive traffic using social shares on Facebook and Twitter. Their campaign leaders are a bit misleading because they constantly encourage you to post Instagram posts but this is a very poor way of driving actual traffic through their link ... the only way that you actually get paid. 

Collective Bias / Social Fabric

This is one of the first networks that I joined when I make the transition to full time blogger. Their pay is relatively low and requirements are typically high but they are always looking for male bloggers and are willing to work with guys who might not have crazy traffic yet - but create great content. Collective Bias campaigns tend to skew towards food and CPG campaigns based around Walmart but they can be a lot of fun, especially for newer bloggers and those just looking for beer money a couple times per month. Personally, I found a bunch of products that I still use today through their campaigns but unfortunately they don't have a pathway to continue working with larger bloggers who require higher compensation and less restrictive requirements such as extremely long non-competes.

Best Buy

This is a fantastic program if you are ok with working for gift cards and free product. While the Best Buy Blogger Program also has an ambassador program, that is invite only. I'm active in this campaign because frankly I buy a lot of stuff at Best Buy anyhow and so gift cards aren't a bad deal. 

Other Blogger Influencer Networks To Consider

Influence Central

Weave Made Media

Firestarter Media (may be dead)

Intellifluence- this is a great network to join and has a variety of opportunities for bloggers of all levels, ranging from product seeding to sponsored posts.


Megan Media 


Publishr / Upfluence

Rainmaker Collective

Buzzoole - they do campaign opportunities in exchange for points that can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards

Bloggers Connected



Hello Society

The Cirqle




Influencer Marketing Agencies That Do Sponsored Campaigns

These influencer marketing agencies do not have a specific blogger registration page but they do execute sponsored blogger campaigns regularly.

People First

Mirum Agency (mostly for mom and dad bloggers - focused on shopper marketing)



August United

Hire Influence

Upfluence - offers a variety of different compensation options from pay-for-performance as well as sponsored posts.


The Influencer Marketing Factory



PopShorts - short form video influencer relations

Performance Marketing Influencer Agencies and Networks

These influencer agencies and networks focus on a pay-for-performance model rather than sponsored posts. While not right for everyone, this is a great way for influencers with an active community to monetize it.



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