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why does tequila cause hangovers?

If you've ever been brave enough to try drinking cheap tequila, then you know it can be an experience that's absolutely unforgettable. After all, the hangover that follows is like a freight train barreling through your brain - relentless and unforgiving! But why exactly does this happen? Why does drinking cheap tequila give us such awful headaches and leave us feeling so miserable afterwards? In this article, we'll take a closer look at what causes these agonizing hangovers so you never have to suffer through one again.

The answer isn't as simple as many people might think. While alcohol in general has dehydrating effects on the body which leads to fatigue, nausea and other common symptoms of a hangover, there are certain elements unique to cheaper brands of tequila that make them even worse for our bodies than some other alcoholic beverages.

At its core, understanding why cheap tequila gives us such bad hangovers comes down to deeper diving into the chemical components in the drink itself. This article will explore those chemicals further and explain how they lead to more severe side effects when consuming low-quality liquor compared with higher quality options. So if you're determined not to let another rough night out ruin your day after, keep reading!

The Difference Between Expensive And Cheap Tequila

Drinking alcoholic drinks like tequila can be enjoyable, but it's important to understand the different types of tequila and what makes them more or less expensive. Generally speaking, cheaper tequilas are not made from 100% pure agave while higher quality tequilas are. The type of alcohol that is derived from a blue weber agave plant is called Tequila and this will typically cost more than other types of liquor. Shots of tequila come in many different varieties; however, only certain ones should be consumed if you want to enjoy the full flavor without having a hangover afterward.

Añejo tequilas are made from the juice extracted from mature blue agave plants and aged for at least one year in oak barrels (or sometimes even longer). This aging process gives the drink its unique taste and aroma and has become popular among connoisseurs due to its smoothness on the palate. Anejo tequilas tend to have much more complex flavors than most cheap tequilas, making them an excellent choice for sipping rather than shooting. They also tend to have lower levels of impurities which can cause unpleasant side effects such as headaches or nausea when drinking too much.

Cheaper brands often contain added sugars or artificial flavoring agents which can make them easier to consume quickly without getting sick. However, these additives may also lead to increased intoxication along with nasty hangovers after consuming several shots in one night. In comparison, premium-grade añejos provide a smoother experience with fewer harsh chemicals, allowing drinkers to truly savor each sip without worrying about feeling awful later on down the road.

Comparing Whiskey Or Vodka To Tequila, Which Has Worse Hangovers?

Pounding pain, persistent pulsing and pounding pressure—all of these are possible consequences of drinking tequila. Tequila shots can lead to a rough morning after, with the dreaded hangover that follows. But is it worse than whiskey or vodka? To determine which has worse hangovers, we must first consider their respective alcohol content, then look at what causes a hangover, and finally examine how each spirit affects them.

The average shot contains 40 percent ABV (alcohol by volume) for all three spirits. However, the congeners in dark spirits like whiskey and brandy contain higher levels of toxins that contribute to more severe headaches when compared to those found in vodka or blanco tequila (anejo tequilas have a higher level, similar in some cases to whiskey). Congeners are substances produced during fermentation and aging that give alcoholic drinks their flavor profile but also make you feel worse the next day. Vodka and tequila have fewer congeners, so they tend to cause milder symptoms such as nausea rather than a full-on headache like you might have with Bourbon Whiskey, Rye, or Scotch.

Alcohol isn’t the only thing that contributes to feeling awful after drinking either. Dehydration from lack of water consumption alongside alcohol use can increase your chances of having a bad time. Drinking plenty of plain water throughout an evening will help minimize any potential side effects from too much booze later on. Additionally, using other drugs while consuming any type of alcoholic beverage can intensify the severity of your hangover even further. Lastly, “hair of the dog” tactics might be useful if done responsibly since it keeps blood alcohol content relatively stable over time instead allowing BAC to spike up suddenly and crash down shortly afterwards — both resulting in an increased chance for developing nasty side effects next morning.

Overall, although each spirit contains similar amounts of alcohol per serving size, vodka and tequila generally cause fewer issues due to fewer congeners present in either drink combined with adequate hydration before and during consumption; meanwhile hair-of-the-dog tactic along with minimal use of other drugs should keep one away from most hangover related ailments following night out with friends where some liquor was involved.

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Are Tequila Shots Worse For Hangovers Than Margaritas?

Cheap tequila is known for causing particularly bad hangovers, but are tequila shots worse than margaritas? To answer this question, let's take a closer look at the different types of tequila and how they affect your body the next day.

Types of Tequila

There are three different types of tequila and each is categorized based on the amount of time that it has been aged. This time spent in an oak barrel will change the flavor, viscosity, color, nose, and other elements of the spirit. This will ultimately make it better for one type of consumption vs another. However, ultimately, no matter how good of quality or what production process ... drinking too much alcohol without water and replenishing nutrients will cause hangovers.

Blanco or Silver Tequila –

This type of agave tequila has not been aged in barrels and may be harsher on the stomach due to its higher levels of methanol content. It also tends to contain more sugar which can contribute to a heavier hangover.

Reposado –

This form of tequila is typically made from blanco/silver, but it is aged in oak barrels for 2 months up to 1 year. The aging process reduces the amount of methanol and gives it a smoother taste with less burn going down. As such, reposados tend to cause milder hangovers compared to their unaged counterparts.

Añejo –

Añejos are almost always made from reposado tequilas and then further aged in oak barrels for over one year. These have an even lower methanol content than reposados and generally provide fewer side effects after drinking them.

In terms of whether shots or margaritas give you more severe hangovers, it largely depends on what kind of tequila was used as well as other ingredients that were included in the drink (sugar, juice). If cheap blanco/silver tequilas were involved in either case, there will likely be some unpleasant symptoms the next morning regardless - making it important to select quality hangover-friendly tequilas when possible!

Symptoms Of A Hangover

It's no secret that when it comes to tequila, you get what you pay for. Cheap tequila can lead to a night of regret and an even more painful morning after. Drinking too much of any type of alcohol will leave your head spinning the next day, but the hangover from cheap tequila seems especially severe. From headaches and nausea to fatigue and dehydration, the symptoms of a hangover are hard enough to stomach without having consumed copious amounts of low-grade tequila!

The levels of sugar in pure tequila can have an impact on how bad your hangover is after drinking too much - which is why good quality tequila may be less likely to induce such terrible effects. The worst part about consuming large quantities of cheaper tequilas is that they contain additives like glycerin or glucose syrup which contribute to the severity of a hangover. For these reasons, many people opt for higher end brands with 100% agave if they plan on indulging in shots throughout their evening out.

When experiencing a particularly nasty hangover due to poor quality liquor choices, there are various remedies one can try - from pain relievers and hydration salts to electrolyte drinks and plenty of rest afterward. Even though some "drinking  experts" suggest that hair-of-the-dog might also work (i.e., starting with another drink), this could prove dangerous depending on your individual tolerance level. In short: proceed with caution!

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Factors That Contribute To A Hangover

Hangovers can range from mild to severe depending on how much alcohol is consumed. Drinking cheap tequila often leads to worse hangovers compared to other alcoholic beverages like white wine. This is because of the lower quality ingredients and additives used in producing the tequila, resulting in more impurities absorbed into the body when consumed. Alcohol abuse also plays a role as drinking too much puts stress on the liver and other organs which can lead to extreme fatigue, dehydration, and headaches - all common symptoms of a hangover.

Additionally, while we've covered the role that congeners play as toxins that make you feel sick, the main reason why you will have a hangover from over consumption of alcoholic drinks is Ethanol. Specifically, ethyl alcohol will convert to acetaldehyde in the liver when metabolized and then converted into acetate. This doesn't occur just in your gut, it will happen litterally all over your body including brain and nervous tissue, skin, and organs. The acetaldehyde and acetate circulating through your body will cause inflammation if the quantity becomes too high and those symptoms are what most of us associate commonly as a classic hangover. 

However, other factors so as your overall health, sugars, and other chemicals that are consumed along with the alcohol can play a big factor in just how bad you feel the next morning.

Drinking responsibly and staying within recommended limits is important to avoid or lessen these effects. This means consuming no more than one standard drink per hour for women and two drinks per hour for men. We didn't say that was practical but that's what doctors recommend!

It's also essential to have plenty of water throughout the night and after drinking since hydration helps flush out toxins caused by alcohol consumption. Finally, opting for higher-quality tequilas with fewer added chemicals will help reduce your chances of getting a horrendous hangover if you do choose to imbibe.

How To Recover From A Tequila Hangover

The transition from the last section could be something like: What happens when you can't help but succumb to the temptation of cheap tequila? Read on to find out how to recover from a tequila-induced hangover!

It's no secret that if you consume excessive amounts of alcohol - in this case, cheap tequila - then it is almost certain for your body and mind to suffer severe repercussions. Tequila is especially notorious for causing horrendous hangovers because of its high levels of congeners (chemicals found in alcoholic beverages which tend to contribute significantly to hangover symptoms). The morning after will feel like an absolute nightmare; it'll seem as though you have been hit by a freight train and all day long, you’ll wish nothing more than never having taken a sip of that wretched elixir.

So what exactly should you do post-tequila? Well, naturally, one must take some simple steps before they hit the hay. Firstly, make sure you hydrate yourself with plenty of non-alcoholic drinks throughout the night such as water, juice or sparkling water – basically anything without any added sugar and/or caffeine. Additionally, try replenishing your electrolytes with sports drinks or supplements prior to sleep in order to maximize recovery time. With regards to nutrition, consuming small portions of carbohydrates may also provide relief due to their ability to absorb toxins circulating through your bloodstream. Lastly, seek out quality restorative sleep on top of considering factors such as jet lag and other lifestyle choices that may interfere with good sleep quality.

In short, recovering from a tequila induced hangover requires rehydrating with fluids free from artificial additives coupled with adequate restful sleep plus proper nourishment - these three components form the holy trinity towards restoring you back into feeling human again come ext day!

Drink Responsibly And Take Care Of Your Body!

The bottom line is, cheap tequila hangovers are the absolute worst and even more so when you've been drinking margaritas in the hot sun. The combination of dehydration, added sugars, and low-quality agave makes for an excruciating experience that I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. This is in addition to the factors caused by the cocktail itself. Simply put - cheap tequila + low quality mixers with artificial flavors, colors, and tons of sweeteners is a bad combination if you hope to wake up the next morning and be ready to face the world. In fact, it's so bad that even thinking about the feeling can make you regret your decision days later!

But there is hope--even if you've made the mistake of drinking too much cheap tequila (which we all have done at least once in our lives). Staying hydrated before, during and after imbibing is essential to avoiding a nasty hangover. Eating complex carbohydrates like whole grains will also help level out blood sugar levels. And finally, getting plenty of rest after overindulgence will help speed up recovery time.

So next time you're tempted by an inexpensive bottle of tequila, think twice! While a little indulgence now and then may not be the end of the world, those cheap 'ritas can come with some pretty hefty consequences--not only on your wallet but also on your physical wellbeing.

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