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What to Do After Being Injured In A Motorcycle Accident

injured in a motorcycle accident

Every motorcyclist knows that their passion is dangerous and that accidents can happen anytime. There are over 89,000 motorcycle accidents in the US each year, with over 5,000 fatalities. 

Even the most experienced and careful riders can be involved in an accident, so it’s important to know what to do after one has occurred. Knowing these steps can help you prepare for the worst and protect yourself, your bike, and your rights if a motorcycle accident ever happens to you.

Assess The Injury & Get Medical Help If Required

Before you even think about taking any action, you need to assess the extent of your injuries. This may seem obvious, but you may be so shocked by what happened that you don’t even realize how badly you’re hurt. Even if you only have minor scrapes and bruises, you should still go to the nearest emergency room as soon as possible. This will help you ensure that no further damage is being done and that you don’t leave any lasting injuries behind. 

Document The Accident & Collect Evidence

When you’re involved in a crash, chances are that one side of the bike sustained more damage than the other. Take photos of the accident scene, and if possible, take a video showing the position of your bike, the other vehicle, any injuries sustained by other people, etc. If a police report is necessary and your motorcycle insurance company requires one, this is the time to ensure that everything is clearly and neatly described. 

File A Police Report

Even if you’re confident that your injuries are minor or the other driver is at fault, it never hurts to file a police report. This can help you collect evidence if you ever need to file a lawsuit or if you need to get a traffic citation dismissed. Doing so will also give you peace of mind knowing that the police were notified to investigate and ensure that the other driver is held accountable. 

Notify Your Insurance Company

Assuming your motorcycle insurance policy correctly covers you, you should notify your insurance company as soon as possible. You can do this by filling out a form your insurance company will provide. This will ensure that your motorcycle insurance company knows about the accident as soon as possible. It will allow you to submit a claim and collect any compensation you may be due. It may also prompt your insurance company to start a claim investigation, which can help you get your bike repaired faster.

Contact An Injury Lawyer

You may want to consult an injury lawyer if you’ve done everything else right and are struggling to pay your medical bills and get your bike fixed. These are attorneys such as Adam Smallow motorcycle accident lawyer specializing in auto and motorbike accident injury law. They can help you navigate the complicated claims process and ensure you receive the most compensation possible. 


Motorcycles are some of the most fun, exciting, and freeing ways to travel, but they are also incredibly dangerous. Motorcyclists need to understand the basics of protecting themselves in the event of a crash and how to do so appropriately.

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