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Interview about what it is like being a male escort in the UK

We're not ones to judge what two (or more!) adults want to do together as long as everything is consensual. Most of us though are curious about the world of female escorts but when it comes to the concept of being a "Gentleman For Hire" the jokes and ultimately misunderstanding of what a male escort actually does abound. We had the chance to chat with one of the men from a UK-based agency and it's a surprisingly dynamic and interesting profession and one that exposes just a few differences between what men vs women are looking for in terms of companionship.

Gentlemen4Hire is the UK's premier straight male escort company and the longest-running one in the UK. This is a fully legal practice in their country.

We all have a mental image of what an "escort" is but what do you actually do?

It’s a very varied job, some parts obviously more interesting than others. Usually, in the mornings, I’m responding to clients and potential clients' emails/messages/calls, filtering out women that look like time wasters, and trying to build rapport with the ones that I feel a connection with.

Then there are of course days when I meet with clients, which require some preparation depending on the cases, i.e. if I have to fake to be their boyfriend/partner or simply organize the night out (restaurant booking, etc.) or a weekend away.

I try to limit my bookings to 3-4 per week as I like to make sure I prepare properly and also have time to work out to keep myself in good shape.

How did you decide to become a male escort?

I have always loved women, their companies, etc. and always have been thanked for my time spent with them and a few of my female friends suggested that I would make a good escort. So I decided to put 100% on it and earn a living.

Only my inner circle of friends know about me being a male escort. All of them envy what I do and are curious about my experiences. On the other hand, when I meet with clients - they are very curious about what I do and ask me lots of questions.

Are your clients limited to just super wealthy women or do you find there's a mixture of clients that you work with?

No not at all, most aren’t super wealthy, obviously, most do have fairly well-paid jobs to be able to afford this kind of service but certainly not super-wealthy.

Most of the clients tend to be intelligent, professional, and often just want a confidence boost or genuinely have no time to meet men in the normal way.

The average age is 35-55 but I’ve had a few in their early 20’s. I tend not to go over 55 as I’ll probably have less in common. Most of the women tend to be divorced or not happy with their current partner. There are also some good resources on becoming a male escort over on the Gentlemen4Hire website, including some frequently asked questions that a lot of guys might want to know before signing up.

 what is it like being a straight male escort in the uk

What are some of the most amazing places you've had a chance to visit and what did you do there?

 Most of the bookings I have are in London, but I have been further afield on a few occasions.

The furthest I went was to spend 2 weeks in Barbados which was amazing. Stayed in a luxury penthouse that was owned by my client and ate out at the best places every night. She worked as an investment banker and was quite high profile in her industry, she was in her early 50s but looked 30 and was one of my favorite clients. The most amazing things was to get paid for 2 weeks of luxury, I earnt over £2k for it!

I’ve been on private jets a few times over to the south of France and Italy which is always good fun.

I’ve been to many many top Michelin star restaurants in London over the past few years. Sometimes I do wonder if they recognize me coming into the same place with different women each time but no one has said anything yet!

 have you ever considered being a male escort

As fun as some things probably are, what is the downside? What are the things that you hate about being a male escort that people probably don't think about?

There are certainly downsides. There are timewasters calling and emailing every day at all times of the night, which definitely gets on my nerves.

A few times I’ve been stood up for dates and then never heard from them again doesn’t happen often but it can happen.

It can also be hard work trying to be happy and enthusiastic all the time on the date, sometimes I may be tired or feel a bit ill so it can be an effort.

Or sometimes the date is just boring, we don’t connect and it’s a real effort to make sure she has a good time!


Do you typically plan out the date based on input from the client or is it something that the client already has prepared for you?

Generally, it’s directed by them, they always good the restaurants, hotels or sometimes the event is a work do or wedding. It's fairly rare I have to organize it, usually, they want to control it which is fine by me!


What's some advice you can provide to the rest of us guys to help us be better lovers and partners for our wives and girlfriends?

I think it all comes down to listen and being attentive and enthusiastic about what they are saying/doing. I think you just need to forget about yourself for a while and focus on them, show interest in what they are saying, throw in a few compliments and make lots and lots of eye contact. All simple stuff but it works a treat!


If a guy reading this is dreaming of becoming a male escort, what are some advice you'd want to offer him?

I’d say go for it, however, be realistic about what it involves. It’s not going to be all 6-foot blonde Swedish stunners booking you! Its generally going to be middle-aged women, however, they are normally still attractive, educated and interesting women.

Also, be realistic about yourself, if you’re no good with women in normal life and don’t get any attention, it's unlikely you’ll be able to charge for it if you can’t give it away for free!

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