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D&D can help men with important life skills

The first step to being a better man is wanting to become one. A man simply doesn't evolve and change simply because the world wants or forces him to, the only way real change happens is when it is desired by the one changing.

One who wishes to change will always find a way, and I am here to tell you how Dungeons & Dragons and role playing games can help you do just that.

D&D could be considered the first RPG out there, along with other RPGs having helped many define who they want to become, through the creation and or playing of characters.

Role-Playing Games Like D&D Can Help Life Skills

Just like games such as chess, pen and paper role-playing games, can benefit men in a plethora of ways in life, I’ll illuminate why and what D&D and RPGs in general can be a benefit to you with work, your relationships, and with your kids.

Managing Social Situations

Dungeons and Dragons is a good way to help people who don't know a lot about role-playing games. Starting a D&D group with your friends and partner is relatively easy, whether you'll be playing online or at a table together, you just need someone to be the Dungeon Master. There are plenty of premade adventures out there and loads of information for any level of experience one may have with RPGs.

Something that I’ve experienced from playing D&D is the strengthening sense of comradery with my teammates as we all face Monsters and challenges together, you learn that you can't do it alone, and that relying on your team is a strength not a weakness. Using teamwork and being inventive together to solve a problem leads to stronger relationships with your friends and your partner as you get through challenges together, get rewards, and celebrate as a group.

Whether you're playing around a physical table or a virtual one forming a D&D group can mean finding new people to play with or furthering your bonds with friends. Playing online you can meet people from all over, and exposure to different people than you are usually around broadens your perspective as a human being.

Improve Romantic Relationships

Playing D&D no doubt you’ll feel empathy, whether it is for your teammates, a non player character you are saving, or perhaps a whole village from an attack. You’ll undoubtedly end up putting yourself in another's shoes, this skill is something that is invaluable in a relationship, and something that men aren't always the most savvy at. For example when you make a character you have to put yourself in your characters position, think about every detail of their personality. Simply playing as a character makes you think about what they're feeling from their perspective, and flexes your empathy muscles.

Playing D&D with your partner may be the first time either of you play, role playing can feel embarrassing or uncomfortable, but the more you play the more comfortable you get with it. More comfort role playing could lead to some fun avenues for couples to explore in other areas of their lives too.

Creating A Successful Career

Another benefit of developing your ability to work with others is translating that into your work. Having a better understanding that with different people, comes different sets of skills they bring to the table, they may be better at things that you aren't proficient in and vice versa. Knowing these differences will allow you to make better judgments as a leader or if you are working on a project with a colleague, you’ll have the knowledge of how your differing skills can better mesh together.

D&D strengthens one of your most underrated powers as a human, your imagination. When you develop your imagination further by imagining these scenes your character is in and actions you can take in them, you find new inventive ways to solve problems that arise in work, setting you apart from the common population.

You learn that you can solve anything, with perseverance, an open mind, and the willingness to grow.

Being A Better Dad

Something that I strongly look forward to is getting to play these games with my daughter, not only will it develop hand eye coordination whether it is with rolling dice, playing an RPG game on a console, or using a keyboard if PC is the route they take to play. Along those same lines, there is math involved in most role playing games, and even those small equations of addition and subtraction go a long way in assisting children learn these skills, making them second nature.

Why Role Playing Games Can Be A Great Help With Life Skills

Playing D&D isn't just good for the left hemisphere of your brain where math and reason is held, but it is a game that you use your imagination, your brain's right hemisphere, to create the scene your character is in. This gives opportunities to your child to develop critical thinking skills by using the immense strength of their imaginations. Since they have this safe place to explore and use the full power of their imagination, it’s a fantastic stress release for your children and you.

D&D is the ultimate story-telling game, so whether you're the one telling the story or listening, children love stories; being involved in one is that much more enjoyable. Choosing what they get to do in the story and collectively imagining it is a tremendous way to bond with your kid.

RPGs are not only a way of entertainment, they can truly be an important part of your life, like they are in mine.
They provide not just a sense of satisfaction with the goals and amazing things you can do in them but they give you entire new experiences that you couldn't experience otherwise.

RPGs have helped me to become a man when I had no guidance, I could play as or see aspects I wanted as a man. It allowed me to explore so many opportunities that only I could dream of, like taking down a dragon or talking to people that are developed by one or many people that can actually expand your way of thinking in your own life.

Because of role playing games I've lived the life of many men, and some women, without the creation of Dungeons & Dragons and other role playing games I wouldn't have the chance to live all those lives and take on their experiences as my own. Being so many different people really helps you choose which parts of those people you wish to make a part of yourself.

Thanks to the world of RPGs I can call myself a better man.

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