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face masks in school can help slow the spread

The main function of masks is to help reduce the spread of the virus. When you're wearing a mask it will help to reduce the effects of sneezing and coughing which are some of the most dangerous ways it can spread. They can happen at any time and create a mist of droplets in the air that are potentially infectious. Masks are vital in helping to prevent the spread of the virus and you should always be encouraging your child to wear them at all times when indoors with other students. It also helps to prevent touching your face with hands that may have touched bacteria on various surfaces.

Finding the right mask for your child

It's imperative you do the research when selecting the right mask for your kid because they need to be comfortable and effective. You will find that there are multiple types of masks and you don't want to get one from an off-brand because it might not function or fit properly. You can choose to implement an adult mask first and see if it fits, but there's a chance that it might have some loose ends or ear loops that can slip during more vigorous activities. Communication is important when trying on masks and you can even make your own at home to save money throughout the year. If your child has allergies then this is very critical you get them a fabric that won't trigger a reaction. There are hypoallergenic options to consider that will keep them safe across long periods even if they have sensitive skin. Finding the right mask might take patience and consideration so stay engaged!

Making sure it fits properly

The fit of any given mask is also incredibly important because it needs to function properly to ensure maximum benefits. First of all, you should be certain that there aren't any loose ends on the face where you can stick your fingers through. This is way too much airflow and if they get sneezed on it's virtually useless. You need a mask that filters the breathing so that germs and other invasive virus particles can't get through and are absorbed by the mask itself. One of the best ways to ensure that your child's mask fits is by utilizing adjustable ear loops. Either that or you can consider using one that ties to the back of the head. This means that it will be tighter on the face and you can adjust it accordingly so they're comfortable. Make sure the mask is tight underneath the chin because there will still be a lot of interaction each day and you don't want it coming loose when speaking.

Let them express their creativity

You have to remember what it feels like to be a kid and the main perk you experience is a sense of freedom. Masks to a child may seem like the exact opposite of freedom, especially when they have a lesser understanding of dangerous microorganisms that are invisible to the naked eye. For some children, it will be easier to adapt to the mask than for others. However, it's a necessary inconvenience that has to be enforced and there are ways you can make the transition back to school with a mask easier. You want to give them creative expression regarding the masks they choose. Think of it as a T-shirt with words on it and an opportunity to express a sense of freedom in light of the circumstances. Pay attention to your child's interests and try to get them to wear it as a fashion statement instead of an obligation. This will help with the mentality adjustment when going back to school.

Reassure them of the reasons they need them

It can be a process that builds over time where a child gets increasingly annoyed with having a face cover all the time. This is also the case with adults because it goes against how we are to naturally exist and breathe. Even if your child complains, it's important to reiterate the important reasons why you have to wear them. It can be very challenging at times to enforce this because you can't hold their hand all day. Still, you can instill the base principles of disease prevention so they stay motivated to keep it on. Emphasize that they are wearing masks to stop the spread and stay safe on a daily basis. They might wonder if it will ever be over and look towards the future, and there's nothing wrong with this hope. These are hard times, and for now, masks are a good preventative measure.

Consider breathable options for cognitive functionality

It's no secret that masks can restrict breathing slightly but it's nothing to be concerned about. If your child has asthma or is particularly sensitive to this reality then you can purchase one that has a more breathable fabric. This will help them to maintain a sense of peace throughout the day with increased oxygen. It's a good idea to test how efficient each mask is regarding its ability to breathe. Some masks even have a filtration apparatus that helps the flow of oxygen better while simultaneously filtering potential contamination. You want to make sure your kid is breathing properly at school for their well-being and also so they can think clearly when tackling that important test. If they express discomfort then you want to attempt to make any adjustments you can to make sure things are healthy and safe. Provide incentives for wearing masks consistently with a treat at the end of each successful week and this will encourage them to stay on.

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