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Menswear continues to become much more varied, and the expectation for men to dress well in interesting and appealing attire is higher than ever in 2022. It’s important to remember that, while it can add some significant work to your day deciding on an outfit and clothing combinations, wearing an appealing outfit helps you to command respect and draw the attention of a room. This is great for social and professional situations, helping you appear much more professional and conscious of how others perceive you. To help you with this, we’ve listed six tips to help you upgrade your style in line with the fashion of 2022.

Invest In Some New Belts

You likely have either a go-to belt for everyday use, or you might simply just have the one belt, or two at a push, with a better-quality belt being used with your suit at formal events. However, it’s quite important to have a few different belts for different occasions, not to mention having a selection of different belts that offer varied styles. There are many types of belts for you to choose from. For example, it’s always great to have a standard smooth leather belt for everyday use with jeans and a casual shirt and a nicer dress belt for special events. Then, if you’re the outdoorsy type, you’ll want a braided or similarly casual belt, too, offering more flexibility and comfort when out and about.

Wear Fitted Clothes

While some casual styles are purposefully designed to not fit you properly, like oversized t-shirts, these should be reserved for extreme casual situations such as relaxing at home or a quick trip to the store. Instead, in most other situations, you’ll want to ensure that your clothes fit you well. Fitted clothes help to accentuate your shape and can help you to see that you might not have as much of a beer belly as you might have first thought. A tightly fitting shirt is going to make it look worse, however, and will risk riding up to reveal skin. At the same time, a baggy top will make you look larger than you are. Ultimately, well-fitting clothes are designed to complement your body, no matter your shape and size.

Choose Some Nice Accessories

It’s quite common for men to forget about accessories that can complement their outfits, but there are plenty of attractive yet subtle accessory ideas that you can make use of, whether it’s a simple necklace, ring, or other jewelry such as a watch. Depending on the outfit, you could also grab a stylish tie or a pair of sunglasses. It’s also wise to ditch your bulky wallet and replace it with a simple card-holder wallet. There are very few occasions where you’re going to need change, and carrying a wallet bursting at the seams with unused cards and coins will distort the shape of your pockets and negatively impact your look. You can find some great, stylish card wallets such as these Gucci ones on ssense.com/Gucci.

Avoid Sportswear

We should say that this is only a rule unless you’re working out or playing sports, or at most, relaxing at home. Sportswear isn’t a fashion statement for men. Instead, it gives others the impression that you are slovenly and uncaring about your appearance. There is plenty of attractive sports clothing out there, and there’s nothing stopping you from wearing some stylish items when you hit the gym, but don’t let these leak into your everyday wardrobe. This goes for your footwear too. Running shoes may be comfortable to wear out and about, but they’re really not suitable for an evening out with friends.

Learn About Layering

While this is more important as we begin heading into the fall and winter months, layering is almost an art form and should be given careful consideration. While it can be useful for simply adding some insulation to ward off the cold using invisible layering techniques such as wearing undershirts and thermals, visible layering is a great way to enhance your style. One downside to the warm summer months is losing the ability to layer your outfit properly. Learning how to layer your clothes will provide you with lots of fantastic ideas for both formal and casual looks. A nice jacket combined with a scarf or even a waistcoat can entirely transform your outfit, so keep this in mind when creating your cool-weather ensemble.

Change Up Your Hairstyle

As the leaves change color and the days get shorter, it's time to start thinking about your fall hairstyle. This year, why not upgrade your look with one of the trendy new styles? From Daemon Targaryen hairstyles to the latest in undercut fashions, there are so many options to choose from!

Fall is the perfect time to experiment with a new hairstyle. With the cooler weather, you can try out a style that you might not have been able to pull off in the summer heat. So take advantage of the opportunity and find a new style that makes you look and feel your best!

Don’t Forget About Scent

While many of us are conscious of how we smell and look, it’s important to think of your scent as a part of our overall style. A quality cologne can entirely change the way others see you. In fact, the nicer your scent, the more you’ll find others being more agreeable with you and even wanting to be around you more. At the same time, you can go overboard with your scent. A lighter scent is your best option first off, and it’s important not to put too much on, no matter how nice it smells. Too much cologne can be extremely off-putting and can have the unintended effect of you repelling people instead of making them want to be around you.

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