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exploring female erogenous zones

Everyone knows about basic erogenous zones like breasts or genitals. However, not everyone is aware that you can find more than thirty erogenous zones on a human body. Of course, the intensity level will differ for every person, but it is still important to know where and how you should touch.

The female body is much more complex than they say in sex-ed class. According to research, about 70% of women can't climax by only penetration. So, if you want to please your female partner, you will have to do more than this. Read on and find out about 5 surprising female erogenous zones and how to touch and caress them if you want to make your woman moan.

Important Female Erogenous Zones Men Need To Know About

Most men already know about the basic female erogenous zones such as nipples, clitoris, labia etc. but women are much more complex than that. It's important that we look at other areas of their body too and pay attention to those areas so that we can help deliver a stimulating experience.


You can use your mouth, your hands, or even a small vibrator to caress the ears of your partner. According to experts from theadulttoyshop.com, it is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones, and you can use it to make her climax in a matter of minutes. Also, the ears are directly connected to the brain, which means that you will be able to stimulate both the body and the mind at the same time.


The neck is one of the most underused erogenous zones for most people. However, if you touch it in the right way (with the help of your tongue or lips), you will be able to drive your lover crazy in a matter of seconds. Still, you should be careful with the pressure because it can get sore pretty quickly. However, you can use it in order to touch and caress your partner all over. While kissing her lips or nibbling on her earlobe, you can use your fingers to touch her neck slowly. This way, you will be able to enjoy her moans of pleasure for much longer than usual.


While we all know that touching a woman's breasts can be incredibly arousing, few people think about using their hands on her back. So, whenever you want to please your woman, touch her back and feel how her body responds to this simple but effective move. She’ll find it very relaxing, and if you want to spice up the atmosphere, you can use your lips, tongue, or teeth.

Inner Thighs

The inner thighs are another underrated erogenous zone for females. They are not as sensitive as the neck or ears, but you can still use them to drive your woman crazy. All you have to do is gently touch them with your fingertips and feel how her body melts in your arms. You can also kiss her inner thighs or tease them with your tongue to build up the pressure.


Another great way to touch your woman involves caressing her feet. It can drive her crazy and put her in a state of total relaxation. So, whenever she needs some relaxing foot massage after a hard day, try touching the bottom of her feet and watch how she opens up for you completely!

Mind ... Mental Stimulation for Women Is Essential Too! 

Mental stimulation for women is also important. That's true for men as well but for women it is much more important to be put in the right frame of mind so she can fully embrace the pleasure. So as you are exploring her body, don't forget to take care of her mind too. 

You Are Not Alone!

And by that, we mean that for a wider range of sexual experiences, you can encourage your partner to masturbate frequently. Female masturbation has many health benefits. It is a form of self-expression, it can lead to better sexual relationships and more orgasms, and it is a great stress reliever.

Masturbation is a way for women to explore their bodies. This allows women to understand their body in a deeper way than they would if they were always having sex with others. Through masturbation, women can learn what feels good and what doesn’t feel good sexually.

Because female masturbation is so important for women’s understanding of their bodies, it also leads to better sexual relationships. A woman who knows exactly what she likes in bed will be able to communicate this knowledge with her partner. This makes sex with her partner far better than if she were still guessing at what she liked sexually.

The emotional benefits of female masturbation are just as important as the physical benefits. Masturbation is a great way to relieve stress and get to sleep at night. For these reasons alone, it’s always a good idea for women to masturbate every once in a while (especially if they have had a long day and they want to go to sleep).

Masturbation also releases endorphins into the body. Endorphins are natural painkillers that make you feel happier and less stressed. Women tend to experience more endorphins than men do, especially when they are in the presence of someone whom they love.

Women who masturbate often report feeling healthier, happier, and more sexually satisfied than women who don’t masturbate. These benefits are all related to the amount of endorphins that the body produces during masturbation.


The Bottom Line On Female Erogenous Zones

The most important thing to remember is that every woman is different, and you will have to learn what works for her. However, these zones are present in every woman’s body.

Try on your matching pajamas for couples and set the scene for a steamy night in the bedroom. Communicate with your partner to find out which zone she’d be willing for you to explore once you start undressing. Ensure that you’re patient when attempting to stimulate these zones and ask her for honest feedback to check that you are both comfortable with the new act. You never know, you could end up hitting her erogenous jackpot and leave her wanting to come back for more. This is not only great news for her but for the both of you, since a healthy sex life can lead to better intimacy and help to develop a stronger emotional bond.

So, if you want to enjoy a long-lasting relationship with your partner, you should definitely learn how to use them and see how her body responds to them.

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