Three Super Easy Ways To Make Yourself Healthier At Work

how to be healthier at work

The modern workplace can be an incredibly unhealthy place. There are loads of things at work that will stop you from being healthy or encourage unhealthy behaviors. It's no surprise that so many people are suffering from long-term health problems when you consider how unhealthy a lot of us are at work - usually without even realizing it. 

This has to stop, and it can stop! You just need to get into the habit of being healthier at work. The following ideas will help you do this in no time at all:


Work With A Better Posture

Stop sitting all slouched or hunched over at your desk. Instead, sit with your back straight, neck slightly tucked, and shoulders back. This puts your spine in its proper alignment, which can work wonders for your health. So much tension in your body fades away, and you can work without constant back pain. 

To get yourself into a better posture, start by improving your desk at work. You need to have your screen at eye level, so investing in an adjustable laptop stand can help. Your chair should also offer back support without making you arch your lower back. Finally, your keyboard and mouse should be close to you, stopping you from reaching forwards and rounding over. 


Walk Around Every 30-60 Minutes

Set a timer on your phone to go off every 30-60 minutes at work. When it goes off, it's a signal for you to get up and stretch your legs. After 30 minutes, stand up and do some stretches, then after 60 minutes, go and have a little walk around the office. 

Small acts like this keep you active throughout the day and disrupt your normal routine of sitting down. It won't seem like much at the time, but think about how many extra steps you can get in by doing this. Feel free to alter the intervals if you can afford to - the more active you are at work, the better. 


Prepare Your Lunches At Home

Make lunch before you go to work and bring it with you. This simple step instantly makes you healthier every single day. You can prepare healthy lunches, stopping you from going out and buying something from a shop. Your bought lunches tend to be unhealthy as they're designed to be eaten fast. There's always the temptation of fast food when you have to buy lunch as well, which leads to unhealthy nutritional habits. 

By preparing your lunches, you decide what's in them. You can also bring healthy snacks from home, stopping you from getting loads of chips or candy to munch on during the day. If you can improve your nutritional habits at work, it will improve your overall health and wellbeing. 

See, these three ideas are all super easy for you to implement into your daily routine. It's all about making small changes that have big consequences on your life. If you want to be a healthier person, you have to address your unhealthy habits at work. 

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