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Summer Trends In Mens' Fashion Dress Cool To Look Hot

Although many parts of the country are still battling wildly unpredictable weather (yes, some of us are still dealing with snow instead of just April-May showers) it will not be long before summer is upon us.  While that particular season brings about images of beaches, beer and hot weather, it can be demanding on a man’s wardrobe.  The flannel of fall and the sweaters of winter will not cut it in the 80- and 90-degree heat.  But don’t sweat it (not the heat - that you’ll sweat) there are simple steps to keeping your fashion Summer ready.  

Keep It Light 

Summertime fashion is not only about dressing light in fabric thickness but also in colors.  While it’s very easy to wear the darker October oranges and the dreary Winter grays, Summer is all about pastels.  Consider violets, limes, aquas and other lighter colors to bring a new life to your clothing while wearing colors that do not absorb high levels of heat.   

Wearing white is also a clear way to pop your look with the knowledge that white anything is going to pick up all the dirt there is in existence.  You can still wear your favorite color black but it has to be the right material and cut or you will cook.   


Linen Is King   

Actually, dating back thousands of years, linen is a man’s best friend during high temps.  It can be woven as a classy but stylish suit and also as a day-to-day shirt.  Replace those heavy cotton blends with linen pieces that cause conversation wherever you go.   

Just know that linen has two weaknesses – it is easy to see through and it wrinkles if you look at it.  Be sure to wear the proper underclothing (dark colors will show right through) and stand as much as you can to avoid excessive wrinkling.   


Barbie Has It Right   

The classic doll knows the key to a successful wardrobe is having multiple outfits for multiple occasions.  You need to learn the same lesson.  Summertime fashion that you wear in the daytime is not the same as what you’ll wear at night.  Consider having a change of clothes with you (a good hangar and wardrobe bag is a must) if you’re making an entire day of it.   


Know When To Wear Short Or Roll - Sleeves 

Everything about a man’s wardrobe in the summer is about the sleeves on his jacket or shirt.  Avoid wearing short sleeved dress shirts as you’ll look like either a cartoon character or the IT guy at every job.  A proper dress shirt will have sleeves that can be rolled up for both physical and fashionable coolness.  If you do purchase a short sleeve shirt, consider one that is designed to wear untucked.  Double pockets are also a must as they portray a more relaxed style and not office wear. 



The standard add-on for a man in the summer is sweat.  But not for you.  You’ll want to consider adding some things that pop and add to your style.  For Summer, beaded bracelets and necklaces are light enough in composition and weight that they do not increase the sweat quotient.  Some men will find that a short-brimmed fedora adds both style and protection from ferocious sunlight.  Whatever add-on you choose, make sure it’s authentic and adds to who you are.   


Conclusion - Hot man summer 

The Summer is one of the most grueling seasons with brutal sunlight and temps that can wrinkle, ruin and wreck even the best of a man’s wardrobe.  However, with a few simple steps, any man can go from played to player and onto a great time in warm climates.   


Jackson Stuart is the host of the men’s lifestyle podcast “Game On with Jackson Stuart” Follow the show at www.gameonwithjack.com & on Twitter @gameonwithjack  

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