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baby shower gift shopping ideas for guys

Looking for a thoughtful and appropriate baby shower gift for the expectant mother? Or, maybe you're just not sure what to buy for your wife or girlfriend. It can be tricky to find a present that is both in good taste and meets all of the requirements. But don't worry! We have some advice on how to find the perfect baby shower gift, no matter who you are shopping for!

Baby Shower Gift Shopping Ideas

Of course, much of this comes down to personal choice, but there are always some items that a new parent will need and appreciate. We have done the hard work looking for the best baby and newborn gifts that are practical, stylish, or just downright cute, as well as some bits and pieces for the new mama who may not always think of herself!


A Cuddly Toy Or Comforter

Everyone loves a cuddly toy or a comforter. Everyone. Whether it's a little soft blanket that they can snuggle up to or the famous jelly cats, a cuddly toy always goes down a treat. If you can, buy two, or even three of the same one. If the child particularly takes to it, the parent will be relieved when they have a spare one to pull out when the original is in the washing machine, or, heaven forbid, it gets lost!


Sleepsuits And Vests

Clothes can be a very personal thing and hard to buy. They will be more than likely inundated with first size clothes, but it can be hard to gauge what size they will be wearing in the future, especially if they are seasonal clothes. However, sleepsuits (or babygowns, as many people refer to them) and vests are pretty much essential for a baby until they hit a year or so, and it doesn't matter what time of year it is or what size they are, they are bound to wear them. Multiple packs in different sizes can be a really handy gift, especially if they have a sicky baby that gets through a couple every day!



Never ever underestimate the importance of a simple muslin cloth. They can be used on your shoulder as burp clothes, to mop up dribble or spit up, as swaddle wraps, light blankets, and comforters, as feeding covers and just about everything else in between, so the bigger the cloth, the better! They never seem to use their usefulness as the baby gets older, either.


Diapers And Wipes

Babies use a lot of diapers and a lot of wipes. It can be quite a personal thing, so do check with the parent beforehand to see which brand they are intending to use or are already using, as not every baby gets on with every brand. Some parents opt for reusable wipes and diapers to be a little more environmentally friendly, so check this first. You can buy all sorts of funky patterned ones if this is the case, but again, check for their brand preferences before you spend lots of money.


Meal Subscription Box

This is one for the new mums or dads. The last thing they want to do after bringing a small and very demanding thing home from the hospital is to stand up in the kitchen and cook nutritious meals from scratch. No, they are much more likely to turn to microwave meals or takeaways. If they have other children, and still need to prepare tasty meals, treat them to a meal subscription box. There are many ones out there, and while they still have to do some cooking, all the ingredients are there and carefully measure out and chopped, making the job a lot easier - and they won't have to go out to the shops! Alternatively, cook up some meals and freeze them, so they just have to pop them into the oven when they need them.


Baby Toiletries

Many parents choose not to use toiletries on their babies when they are very new, but as they get older will start to use a gentle shampoo, bubble baths, and moisturizer, so a good quality set designed for babies sensitive skin is always a good choice when it comes to gifts!


Don't Forget To Buy Something Fun Too!

Baby shower gift-giving doesn't have to be boring and practical. It's a great time to choose something that the new parents can use themselves and will be sure get plenty of use out of. So don't forget to go all out if you want, with some fun stuff like a gift card to Drizly, a novelty tee shirt, or even noise-canceling headphones.

So, if you're looking for some new ideas on what to buy that doesn't seem like a typical baby shower gift and is still practical enough for the parents-to-be, take a look at our list. We've covered everything from clothes to toiletries and even food! You can never go wrong with these gifts because they will be sure to make life easier as well as cuter thanks to their adorable prints and patterns. Shopping has never been so easy or fun before, especially when it's not just about finding something cute but also functional. With all of this in mind, we hope that now you know how important it is for the dad (or any male family member) who attends your next baby shower party!

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