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Preparing To Survive Another Winter In The Age of Covid

tips to help you survive another winter

You have made it, 2020 is almost in the rearview mirror, and you can make it the rest of the way. Everyone’s world turned upside down as winter was winding down, and here it comes again. Everything is different this year as we head into cold and flu season, so you need to plan appropriately. Whether you are a “mask it up” or “free the face” kind of person, we all have to continue dealing with the reality of how the pandemic has impacted our world. The reality of this winter is that it is going to be different than most, so it is time to plan now. Here are some great ways to plan now so you can make the most of the cold weather when it gets here.

Plan for More Time Home

It is obvious that we are all going to be spending more time home this winter, just like we have all year. However, now that we know what that looks like, we can plan to make the most of it. Plan for activities to help get the energy out and stimulate the nervous system. Be prepared with supplies for extra crafts and some crafty snacks. All of this can change the dynamic of being home from feeling like you are locked up with your kids to making memories. Remember, you are all experiencing this together, so be sure to make the most of every moment you can.

Consider Winter Masks

Masks are here whether we like it or not. The masks we have all become accustomed to this summer may help prevent the spread of the disease, but may not help keep us warm. Many manufacturers are working on selling hybrid hats and masks to help meet this need. Consider the balaclava hat, which already had a face covering it. There are even ski hats that have magnetic pull away masks built-in. These will help keep everyone warm while playing or working outside and help contain the spread of germs too.

Minding the Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an incredibly important nutrient the human body needs. This is something the body will produce naturally when exposed to natural sunlight. Over the winter months, most people get less sun exposure than over the warmer months, now compounded by reduced activities. This winter you may want to consider a couple of options to help with this. First, consider a quality Vitamin D supplement. There is some question about bioavailability between scientists on the efficacy of orally supplementing Vitamin D. Some studies suggest pairing it with Vitamin K2 helps improve its absorption. Second, consider getting a growing light. A doctor can prescribe these as a treatment for seasonal affective disorder, but a good houseplant growing lamp will work just as well. Everyone should spend some time under the lamp with as much skin exposed as possible to help increase its effectiveness.

Overdo the Humidifiers

Everyone knows how important humidifiers are over the winter. They help prevent nasal passages from drying out, help with dry skin, and help keep dust and dirt out of the air. However, what most people do not recognize is the important role humidity plays in keeping you healthy as well. According to the Scientific American, humidity has been shown to help reduce the time some viruses survive outside of a host. Most air quality experts suggest the optimal amount of relative humidity is somewhere between 30% and 50%. That means you may want to consider running your humidifiers throughout the day or adding a whole-house humidifier to your HVAC system.

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