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back pain

From repetitive stress to lifting heavy objects improperly, back problems are one of the most common injuries that men face.

Back injuries are very common. In a study, over a quarter of adult men were found to have experienced back pain in the last three months. While diseases can cause back pain, injuries are the most common cause - this could include anything from a sprain to a spinal fracture. 

There are a few common causes of back injuries in men. It’s worth knowing how to prevent these injuries, or at the very least knowing how to treat them so that they don’t negatively affect your life. This post delves into the four most common causes of back injuries, how to prevent them and how to treat them.

Road Accidents

Back injuries such as slipped discs and lumbar spine injuries are common following a road accident. Pain may occur immediately after a road accident or may be delayed - in either case it’s worth seeing a doctor straight away. 

Cars shunting into the back of one another is a common cause of these injuries. Such accidents aren’t always possible to avoid, however you may be able to reduce the risk of them happening by stamping out bad driving habits like tailgating and sharp braking. 

Such injuries often require medical treatment. You may be able to cover costs with legal compensation if an accident was not your fault. You can do this by hiring a traffic accident attorney. Where can I look to find a traffic accident attorney? The best place to look is online - you should be able to find lots of local traffic accident attorneys, allowing you to compare rates.

Playing Sports

Many sports ranging from football to golf can cause back injuries. This is often the result of sharp twisting motions or falling hard on one’s back. Even wearing the wrong shoes can lead to back injuries. 

It’s important to pay attention to the safety rules of every sport to help prevent injuries. Wear appropriate footwear and practice on the right surface. Warming up before doing a sport can often prevent strains and sprains from twisting. Winter warm ups are particularly important as this is when muscles and joints are more stiff and prone to strains. 

Ill-Fitting Clothes

You already understand the importance of wearing the right attire when playing sports. However, it’s equally crucial to choose the right attire in daily life. Footwear choices are particularly vital, which is why switching to a barefoot dress shoe for the office could be the best decision you ever make. Aside from preventing injuries and postural issues in later life, they provide great comfort. They look truly fantastic too.


Many men also cause problems by not knowing their sizing requirements. Getting measured for shirts, underwear, and other clothes will be vital. Not only will the clothes hang better on you, but they will actively provide support in the desired areas. Perfect.

Heavy Lifting

Many people develop back injuries through heavy lifting. This is often the result of lifting weights that are too heavy or not using the right form - this can strain muscles and ligaments in the back.

If you do a lot of lifting, get in the habit of always bending at your knees and keeping your back straight whenever lifting something heavy - this will minimize heavy lifting injuries. If something feels too heavy, always get assistance. When doing weight training, work your way up gradually and take your time to perfect your form.

You may be able to get compensation for work-related back injuries - particularly if you weren’t given any lifting training or if there is not adequate equipment available to help with lifting.  For example, you can search online for oilfield lawyers near me to get someone to assist you with your query if you were injured working in the oil or gas industry.

Back pain isn’t the only potential consequence of lifting heavy objects improperly. Another one of the most common injuries is a meniscus tear, which can be particularly tough to treat. Many doctors will be inclined to remove a meniscus, so if you can’t avoid improperly lifting heavy objects, at least make sure you see a specialist if you hurt your leg.

Sitting At A Desk

Yes, you can injure your back just from sitting at a desk. Leaning over a desk can put immense pressure on the lower back - over time you may develop a repetitive strain injury  from doing this.

You should try to keep your back relatively straight when working at a desk. Make sure that you have a height adjustable chair and that this is adjusted to the right height. Make sure that you’re not twisting your body to type or look at a screen as this can also lead to back injuries. 

If you are experiencing back pain as a result of any of these causes, you don’t have to lose hope. There are plenty of solutions to help alleviate discomfort and improve your quality of life. Seeing a physiotherapist is a good place to start. Your physio will be able to diagnose and treat your back issues, while also coaching you in ways you can manage the pain yourself.

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