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Ways that you can update an old car and make it feel fresh

If you have had your car for years, you are now probably looking to upgrade and find a new, exciting vehicle to drive. And, undoubtedly, buying a new car is always an exciting step for any household - but it is not the only choice to have a new, efficient, and stylish vehicle! 

If you are looking to find a more affordable solution and save precious resources for future projects, there are a few simple tips that allow you to breathe new life into the style of your current car. So, you can enjoy the best power and driving experience without having to invest thousands of dollars! Below you can find some tips that you can put into practice without the help of a professional. 

Invest in Seat Covers

Seats are one of those aspects inside the car that actually start to show the vehicle’s age. Indeed, after years of hauling kids, carrying groceries, and traveling to and from work, the signs of wear and tear start to become visible. In this case, you should consider the benefits of seat covers

These are a much more affordable version than entirely changing your seat’s fabric or paying for a thorough shampoo every month. Additionally, if you add the seat covers in advance, you protect your car seats from getting worn over time - which can add value to your car when you decide to sell it!

Clean It!

There is nothing like a thorough clean to make your old car look like new. If you have a whole day to dedicate to cleaning your car, you can easily do so on a budget and with products that are likely already in your household. However, if you don’t have time to spend on cleaning your car, you can always consider bringing it to a detailer. But ensure that no spot in the car interiors is left behind! 

Start by picking up the trash, wiping down any plastic or metal surface, and washing the windows - on both sides! Once you have tied up, remove the mats and use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust and debris that have been accumulating over time.  Invest in some leather car seat cleaner to achieve the best results in more high-end interiors. 

Change the Floor Mats

No matter how much you look after your car, nobody treats the floor mats kindly enough! Indeed, being resistant and long-lasting, we just tend to forget that they can impact the look of your car interiors. Luckily, you can replace them easily and affordably by speaking to a local detailer. 

When picking the right floor mats for your car, it is important that you select the right material for your lifestyle. For example, you might opt for rubber mats if you often travel through the countryside and you need something that is easier to remove and clean. Alternatively, if you don’t have pets, you might consider carpet or vinyl mats.

Invest in Fixing Problems That People Can See, Hear, and Smell

Today, there are many apps that can help you with car maintenance, safety, and driving experience. Use these as well as advice on YouTube to help you find easy things that you can fix on your car. For instance, using a touch up paint pen to fill in some scratches or clean your headlights so that they can be restored to a clear and clean look. DIY car maintenance tasks like this will help make your car instantly look newer. 

When it comes to hearing and smelling, look at solutions such as getting your carpets and seats professionally cleaned. This can get rid of any musty odors that might have grown over the years.  Finally, consider noises in your car such as a seat that might need a bolt tightened or even brakes that might be functional but have a whining noise. 

Just like with flipping a house, these fixes are what draws one's attention to the negative so if you can avoid that then your car will be considered much nicer.

Give it a New Look With Custom Vinyl Wraps

If the real age of your car is given away by the look of its exterior and the quality of its paint, you should consider investing in custom vinyl wraps. Conventionally you might have wanted to just simply re-paint the vehicle but today, vinyl car wraps are far cheaper and more flexible. While there are disadvantages to doing one vs the other, we think that unless you are trying to restore a custom car, adding a vinyl wrap offers plenty of opportunities for really creating a unique looking vehicle.

While most people that seek vinyl wraps for vehicles are doing so for advertising purposes or so that they all match others in the fleet ... almost like a uniform, wraps today are much more flexible. In fact, you could go absolutely crazy here and create almost any design imaginable from flames to racing stripes or even geometric patterns that simply wouldn't be possible with paint, unless you spent a huge amount of money.


Get A New Set Of Rims and Tires

New tires might be expensive, but they can really make your car loved and looked after - aside from making it safer to drive! You can get new cars from your local dealership or, if you know what measures you are looking for, online. Don’t be afraid to ask an expert mechanic for guidance, as your tires can really impact safety and drivability. Adding a new set of rims as well will create a distinct look that matches your personality, while also eliminating any road rash, nicks, scrapes, and dents that you might have accumulated over the years.

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