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How To Keep Calm When The Days Are Shorter

Advice for how men can keep calm during the winter when days are shorter.

It always amazes me how the winter months seem to bring out the worst in men. The days get shorter, and so does our patience. And rightly so, when you think about it. We cannot do everything that may need to be done due to the weather. We cannot engage in all of the activities that give us some physical release from the stress. Plus, there is the added stress of holidays and seasonal illnesses. It is enough to drive even the calmest man a bit crazy. When you know it is coming, you can do something about it. We know that winter comes every year. Making a plan for how to keep your calm demeanor about you will pay off year after year. Here are some of the best tips to prepare you for this winter, and everyone to come.

Keep Up As Much Activity As Possible

Men thrive on being active. Whether that activity is mental or physical, we have to have something we are busy with. This is part of why men who retire quickly start businesses, go back into the workforce or start having health problems. For the winter, you want to find some good ways to stay physically active as much as possible. As a dad, your kids need the activity too, or you will be scrapping them off the ceiling. Try some mild living sports, some fitness video games, or even sensory input activities. All of these are great for the mind and body.

Mind Your Vitamin D Levels

Most people know that our body needs vitamin D. However, few are familiar with the subtle hints that it may be running low. Keep an eye open for increased fatigue, feeling down or blue, feeling anxious, or even low energy. If you notice any of these, try adding some vitamin D to your morning routine. To increase the bioavailability, be sure to use a supplement that also has vitamin K2.

Work to Find Balance

Over the last twenty years, more attention has been paid to the work life balance. Unlike what many people think, this does not mean a solid split, with equal hours for each. Rather, it is more like seasons where you may put more focus in an area for a time, then it shifts. Be sure to give yourself time to breathe, not just focus on those work projects hanging over your head.

Embrace the Time

One of the challenges we all are facing right now is the extra time at home and with our families. On one hand, we like that time with our spouses and our kids. On the other hand, it drives us nuts because it is not what we are used to during this season. Enjoy the extra time you can spend with your kids, and make some unique memories. Give some grace to the situation, and go with the flow as much as possible.

Look For Natural Relaxers

One of the keys to making it through the winter is finding ways to help you unwind. There are limited places to meet your friends to relax, you have a hard time even getting to a gym right now. That makes it more important to look for natural relaxers you can use to help your body come down from the stress. It may sound more like something you would expect from your wife but try some essential oils. Many people find they are really key to making it through. There are even some with a more manly aroma than lavender that still works well. For instance, one of my favorites is black spruce.

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