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How To Beat Sore Feet And Stay Standing Up All Day Long

Whether you’re on a trip, working, running errands, or just doing day-to-day stuff in general, there’s a chance that you’re going to experience some soreness in your feet. This is something that happens to everyone, regardless of age. But it’s true that as you get older, more likely you are to deal with it. 

But, with that being said how you can beat the foot's soreness? For many, it can get so bad in the middle of the day that they just struggle to even carry on. So, what can be done? Well, continue reading on to learn more about how you can defeat the wrenched feet soreness and stay on your feet all day long!

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Wear arch supports

One thing that most men don’t seem to know, is the fact that there are arch supports that could be worn. This can be a great go-to if you have very uncomfortable shoes that need to be worn to work (such as steel-toe boots). A lot of the work that is being done by the leg muscles and foot is due to needing to be stabilized throughout the day from standing. But your legs, muscles, and feet all need to be properly aligned, if not, you can expect additional soreness.

Plus, this is also going to result in your leg muscles being very fatigued and your feet (legs included) are going to hurt a lot. So, one great thing that can be done is wearing arch support inserts. These not only help out with aligning your leg muscles, but they’re also going to make your shoes feel more comfortable for your feet too.

Avoid standing in one place

Sometimes, this just can’t be avoided, especially if you’re working at an assembly line. However, you’re going to need to try and figure out if it’s possible to move around a bit. But of course, sometimes it just can’t be avoided at all. In cases like this, it may be best to wear arch supports or wear shoes that are more comfortable for the feet.

Be picky with your shoes

Shoes are meant to be an investment, and it’s one investment that you shouldn’t skip out on. Lower-quality shoes are almost always less comfortable, so why opt for something that’s going to hurt your feet? Instead, opt for a higher-quality pair. 

Plus, supportive and stable shoes are incredibly important for jobs, especially if you’re going to be standing or walking a lot throughout the day. Sometimes, it’s not as simple as finding shoes that are your size (length and width wise). But, it can go further than this. Shoes should be more rigid, rather than flexible. Lighter shoes tend to have less support which means more pain in your foot.

Embrace compression socks

Believe it or not, this could be a major game changer for you. Not only are these perfect if you’re going to be flying on a plane, but they’re also excellent for being on your feet all day long. They help out in relieving leg pain, but they’re perfect for circulation in your legs and feet. But what about the styles? While it’s true that compression socks use to some in one style and length, that’s no longer the case. There are socks that are knee length, but shorter ones that are ideal for ankles too. The same goes for the colors and designs as well, you’re going to have a large range of options!


In the case that you’re going to have to stand in one spot all day, walking is going to vastly help alleviate the soreness. However, if you’re walking all day, then it’s fairly obvious that more walking isn’t going to help. Sure, the longer you do this action, the more your feet will get used to it. But this doesn’t mean that you should be in sheer agony!

Take a break

Last, but certainly not least, you’re going to need to take a break. Taking a break is going to vastly help you out. This is going to allow you to feel better throughout the day. It’s so important to not push yourself because chances are, you’ll just be making it worse for yourself if you do. No matter what age you are, or how much in shape you are, this is something everyone needs. Just make sure to listen to your body and give yourself some breaks whenever you need it.

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