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golf trivia

If you are wondering if golf is the right sport for you, you may be looking for an incentive to make the first move. Amongst the common reasons why people choose to take on this activity are the health benefits that come with it, as well as the overall experience of the course. Nevertheless, there are many interesting facts about golf that could help you make up your mind.

Same as any other topic out there, golf has its own hidden facts. If you are interested in learning more about the back story of one of the most popular sports in the world, here are 8 facts about golf that you probably didn’t know.

1. Golf Was Invented in Scotland and Was Also Banned

Golf is one of the most popular sports out there, and it all started in 15th century Scotland. Golf used to be played in public initially, after which people started creating golf courses and clubs.

What most people don’t know is that golf was actually banned for a period of time, also by the Scottish. The reasoning behind this was that golf was becoming such a loved activity that military training could have been overlooked.

2. Golf Balls Were Originally Made of Feathers and Leather

Although golf balls were originally made of wood, somewhere in the 17th century, balls made of feathers came into play. Goose feathers would be put inside a leather pouch, stitched together, and then painted. Only the most privileged would have access to what was called a “feathery” ball.

3. Tiger Woods Won More Tournaments Than You Think

If you know a little about golf, you probably know that Tiger Woods is one of the best players out there. It is also common knowledge that Tiger Woods is amongst the sportsmen that have started their careers at a very young age. Woods was actually six months old when he was first being thought how to play golf by his father.

Up to this day, Tiger Woods has won 82 PGA tournaments. He is now tied with Sam Snead, with whom he shares the title for the most PGA TOUR wins.

4. Golf Will Help You Burn Calories

Although there is no conclusive research on how many calories you would burn while playing golf, walking around the course for 18 holes is thought to help players burn around 2000 calories!

5. Golf Was Played on the Moon

Alan Shepard was the first to swing a club on the moon. During the Apollo 14 landing, Shepard took two shots with a six-iron head.

6. Las Vegas’s Shadow Creek Golf Course

The Las Vegas Shadow Creek golf course is well-known amongst golf enthusiasts. One reason for it is its design. Architect Tom Fazio was the one to visualize this golf course and sculpt the Nevada desert into one of the most expensive golf courses to play on at the moment. Playing 18 holes in Las Vegas Shadow Creek will cost players up to $500.

7. Mounds of Sand Used as Tees

Golf tees didn’t actually get used until the 1920s. Before they appeared on the golf course, players used to tee up their balls on mounds of sand.

8. Virtual Golf Classes

One very important aspect that new players tend to overlook is the variety of online resources available nowadays. More and more beginners opt for getting familiar with the basics of golf by taking online courses. Providers will offer courses for beginners, as well as professionals who wish to perfect their skills. You can access lessons that teach you basic drills and more advanced techniques, such as the Hank Haney slice fix. What is great about online golf courses is that you can learn from actual professionals.

Bottom Line

Golf is one of the most complex sports out there, and so is the history behind it. Its complexity comes from many aspects, including its social and historical value. If you are planning to dive into golf and make a recurring activity out of it, we hope that these 8 interesting facts have sparked your interest!

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