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Getting back in the office doesn't have to mean overly conservative and boring style.

One of the main things to get to grips with when it comes to fashion is that it is all about what you like and your own personal sense of style. However, it is still vital that you know how to look your best.  With the pandemic winding down here in the United States, a return to business meetings and indeed working at the office again is just around the corner. So let's ditch those sweatpants and tee-shirts, let's take a look at how to dress for success when you return to the office this spring.

To help you figure out how to dress your best, here are the main fashion rules that you will want to try out for yourself. 

Expect Attire Conventions To Be Different

Each workplace is going to be a little different. Some workplaces will use the pandemic and time spent away from the office to move into a permanent casual dress environment. Other offices though may look to dial things in with an emphasis on a more conservative dress code to bring people back to a 100% focus on business after a year of being always casual. No matter which direction your office swings though, if you are in an executive role, you can't go wrong by dressing sharp but still managing to still integrate a piece of your own style so you don't look too conservative.

Buy A Well-fitting Suit 

It doesn’t matter if your suit is something that you wear once or twice a year; it still should be something that you feel and look amazing in. Suits can be expensive, but much like most things in life, if you pay a little more, you will be rewarded with long-lasting quality. While you can buy good quality suits that come off the rail, if you want to make sure that it fits well and looks great, then you may need to go bespoke. 

Look For Ways To Cover Up A Recent Tattoo

Sometimes we get crappy body art that means something at one point or another. Other times the artwork becomes an iconic tattoo that literally defines your personal style. Regardless of why or what it is, many people in a professional environment such as an office, may object to something like that, especially if they don't understand what the tattoo means.

Rock A Pop Of Color 

Scared of color in your style? Don’t be! Color can really bring an outfit to life. We don’t mean that you should wear head-to-toe color, of course (as this can be too much for even the most stylish of men), but a splash here and there is always a good idea. Maybe team a grey or black suit with a brightly colored tie? Or invest in some colorful sneakers to wear on casual days. The main thing to try is to make sure that even though it is bright, whatever you pick is still going to be something you want to wear out in public.  

Accessorize And Finish Your Outfit In Style  

Sometimes it really is the minor touches that can truly bring an outfit together. Some people like to add a premium quality watch to their outfits, while others like to shop leather products such as bags, wallets, jackets, belts, and shoes. The main thing to focus on is ensuring that it will look amazing, feel amazing and that it is an investment that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.  

Look After Yourself Too 

We have covered how to improve your style on this particular blog post, but what we haven’t covered is just how important it is to look after your appearance too. The simplest way to do this is to make sure that you drink plenty of water. Other ways to improve your appearance are keeping up with a grooming routine regularly and doing basic things such as making sure that you cut your nails and keep your hair groomed.  

Dressing well is something that every single man can do. However, the effort to do so should never take away from their individual sense of style. Having your own style is something that you should aspire to because when you feel truly confident in what you wear, you will find that you can walk tall with your head held high, and your confidence will make you far more attractive to the people around you! 

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