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Dressing Tips For A Business Casual Workplace

what does business casual look like

Business casual is a dress style for men that almost seems like a trap. On one side, it seems like shorts and a tee shirt are ok at one end of the spectrum while being just a jacket short of a full suit seems to also be what's expected at the other. The reality is business casual represents something different for each workplace but there are some rules that are generally applicable no matter where you work.

Every century, clothing and fashion trends change - from matching checkered suits in the ’50s to satin pants with a flower top in the ’70s. The present trends cannot be categorized into one single style because we live in an age where everyone wears what they please. People wear clothes to express their personality, profession, and interests. This article provides style tips for the corporate man who wants to dress the part and wants to embody the professional environment he is involved in. In certain industries, there is an unspoken dress code that applies to its workforce, and here you will find key aspects that will instantly boost your overall look and give you the professional edge you need. 

The Watch

Get a watch that matches your outfit. Not just your everyday going to work outfit, but also when you are wearing formal attire. A wristwatch has the power to make or break your outfit. Men do not wear a lot of jewelry, and so a watch is a portrayal of their personality and taste. The best watches you can choose from are simple, sophisticated, versatile, and classic. When you want to power dress, choose an analog watch - they are timeless and look fantastic with a suit. 


How Much Business ... How Much Casual?

A good pinstripe suit gives off the hint of self-confidence and self-assurance. If your environment doesn’t require such formal styles, consider investing in a jacket or blazer that can be added to a business casual outfit comprised of khakis and a shirt for formal meetings. Some workplaces require you to wear collared shirts for business casual but others are much more relaxed. In either case, a jacket is a quick and easy way to bring your outfit to the next level.

If your workplace is more casual and less business then there are many more options available to you. Have a look at Rick Owens clothes brand; here you will find unique designs and fashion trends that will upgrade your closet instantly. The key here is to remember that while you want to be as comfortable as possible, your level of casual wear needs to match your position and responsibility in the company. For isntance, while the intern might be just fine wearing shorts and a tee shirt ... that won't nessisarily be the case for a middle management or executive position.



Whether you sit at a desk all day or walk around in public, footwear is an essential part of looking neat, confident, and hardworking. Luxury sneakers may not be the cheapest shoes on the market, but they last much longer than average sneakers and still look great even after being worn for a while. The traditional winter boots are also shoes that never go out of style; boots can be worn with any type of outfit and you can find a wide variety of them depending on your preferences and interests. All these boots are durable, practical, comfy, and weatherproof. 



Accessories such as pins, necklaces, bracelets can tell a lot about a man. We're not just looking for gold chains and St Christopher medals (though that will say something too). Instead, there are much more casual ways to accessorize that are business casual appropriate. This includes remembrance wristbands to support a cause that is important to you or simply to remember a family member or friend who might have passed away. 


If you want to make a statement and command some attention in the workplace or anywhere, you need to dress the part as well - begin by upgrading your wardrobe to make the statement you desire - this will not only boost your overall look, but also your confidence!

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