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Dad Advice To Help Prepare Your Children To Grow Up Strong And Independent

raising independent kids

Being a child is a lot of fun, but if you allow it to drag out too long, it can quickly become dysfunctional. Children need to be kids first, then adults.

If they get stuck, they’ll struggle in all aspects of adult life, from work, to marriage to dealing with their own children

As parents, there’s a lot you can do to help your kids in this respect. You don’t just have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. Here’s a rundown: 


Don’t Praise Or Coddle

Praising and coddling children feels natural, but it is something that they can become dependent on. We’ve all seen the thirty-year-old who still lives at home with their parents because he or she can’t bear to be without the mother. 

Don’t let this happen. Allow your childrens’ natural tendency to explore the outer world shine through. Give them opportunities to be independent and don’t praise them or make them dependent on your affirmations in any way. 


Remove TV From The Bedroom

Kids raised today live in a world of technology and it is preventing them from getting in touch with reality. Unlike childhoods from previous generations, today’s youth are so engrossed in their devices that they don’t get a chance to explore the wild, go camping or even just pursue a hobby at home, like a jigsaw. 

The solution to this is to reduce exposure to electronics in the home. Short-term, your kids will hate you for it, but long-term, it’ll help them become better adults, more aware of their surroundings. 


Don’t Work On Vacation

If you think you can work on vacation, think again. It’s a balance that just doesn’t work. Instead, gladly give all your time to your kids. Show them that there are more important things in life than work. 

Remember, a lot of kids will grow up into adults who will spend the majority of their lives just sitting at a desk, tapping away on a keyboard. What’s more, because of the way the labor market is developing, they may go many years without a break, just to please their employers.

Don’t set a precedent like this. Make vacations a special time where everyone forgets about work for a while and just has fun. 


Get Them More Active

Part of being a successful adult is having control over one’s body and its relationship to the environment. Taking your kids to a family team building obstacle course, therefore, could be just what they need. Getting them active and aware of their bodies will let them build skills that will last them a lifetime. 


Take Breaks When Required

Modern adults often feel like they have to push themselves to the limit to be worthwhile human beings. However, it’s also extraordinarily unhealthy. Productivity and self-worth shouldn’t be bound up together like they are today.

Teach your kids that it’s okay to take a break when they need it. Life has to be fun sometimes. Otherwise, it’s all retch and no vomit.

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