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here's all the gear you need for a home gym

There are endless health benefits of working out, from weight loss to increasing endurance. You can significantly improve your bone density and blood circulation too, which will make your entire body less likely to deteriorate from an illness. To maintain good health, it is essential to exercise regularly. If you struggle to have time to make it to the gym or attend virtual classes, you can make a workout space in your home with these pieces of equipment. 



You can easily get fit with an aerobic step. They are ideal for working out the lower body and can be adjusted to your height. The height adjustments also mean you can make the workout more difficult if you wish too.

Not only can you gain muscle with a stepper, but you can also increase endurance and enhance your balance. Plus, steppers are easy to have in your home. They can be stored away in a cupboard, under a bed, or neatly in your workout corner.  


Dumbbells and Other Free Weights

Dumbbells are a great piece of equipment if you like weight-training. You can find them in an array of weight capacities, which can suit your needs. If you like light sessions, you can opt for smaller weights. Or, if you like heavy weight-lifting, you can find heavier weights to suit those needs. 

Dumbbells can be purchased separately, as a pair, or in a set. These can easily be stored away in cupboards or on display via a weight rack. These are an essential piece of equipment to intensify workouts and build muscle. 


Resistance Bands

If you like to intensify your workout without weights, then resistance bands are the go to option. Resistance bands can be used for specific exercises and for an all-over body burn. Again, these can be purchased in different resistances depending on your needs. 

Another benefit about resistance bands is that they are easy to transport. They can be put into your bag and taken on the go. Thus, they are a great piece of equipment if you like to workout from home and the gym. They can build muscle, increase bone density, and make you a whole lot fitter. 


Exercise Mat

For those who like body-weight training, yoga, Pilates, stretching, or anything that requires just the floor, you can make your workout more comfortable with an exercise mat. A mat is an easy piece of equipment to store away, as most can be rolled up or folded. 

As you can get a lot of use out of an exercise mat, it can be worth spending a little more money on them. Mats with non-slip surfaces will make your workout more seamless and effortless. The last thing you want is to be slipping around mid-exercise and stopping your flow. 


Ankle Weights and Wrist Weights

For those who like a lower body burn, or intensifying mat exercises, ankle weights are a great companion for at-home workouts. These can be purchased in a range of weights depending on your fitness level and requirements. 

Ankle weights are simply banded weights that are to be strapped around the ankle for extra weight during a workout. These are great for booty burner exercise and can also be worn whilst walking around to increase the burn of your steps and boost your daily fitness


Yoga Socks

Yoga, and other gentle mat practices, are often among the most popular at-home workouts. This may be because they are easier to perform at-home, with less distraction and mat space. 

Yoga socks are sticky-soled socks that make your mat workouts more comfortable. They can also prevent injuries, improve posture, and act as a non-slip barrier. These can be used for more than just yoga, the name is just their main purpose. You can also wear them for any type of workout to reap the benefits, such as weight-training and Pilates. 


Workout clothes

Although you can workout in anything you like, it is more comfortable and efficient to workout in the right clothes. Having clothes for at-home workouts will maximize your performance and also keep you motivated to workout. 

If you often struggle to find the motivation to workout then the best tip is to put your workout clothes on first thing in the morning. If you are spending the day at home, then having your workout clothes on and ready for the workout will motivate you to get on your mat and not waste the clothes.


Cross Trainers

Working out at home requires trainers just as much as the gym does. Again, having the right gear can maximize performance. But, it can also keep you safe. 

Trainers are also ideal if you want to switch up your at-home workout and go for a run or do something more cardio-based.


Exercise Ball

An exercise ball is a soft large ball, typically made from plastic. These can be used for a range of exercises such as improving balance and core training. 

These are deflatable, so they can be used in smaller spaces. They are a great piece of at-home workout equipment for those who want to intensify their workout, improve their posture, or ensure to stretch properly pre and post-workout.


Foam Roller

On the topic of stretching, a foam roller is essential if you often suffer with muscle soreness after training. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) can occur from any type of workout, especially weight-training. 

A foam roller is to be used on the floor to roll out your muscle tension. They can also be great for increasing your range of motion as they increase blood circulation and loosen up joints. 


Fitness Watch 

Training at-home is just as important to track as at the gym. To track your fitness you can use a watch, which can monitor heart rate, calories expelled, step count, and more. 

Fitness watches can offer you an update of your fitness, help you set goals, customize your fitness plan, and increase your health consciousness. These can be worn anywhere and are an ideal piece of equipment for working out at-home to keep on track with your exercise and fitness updates. 


Jump Rope

A skipping rope or jump rope is a really handy piece of gym equipment that is easily transportable and great for your physical fitness. It can be used to warm up, or as a cardio workout. They are best used outside, but if your ceiling at home is high enough they can be used indoors too. 

Skipping increases the heart rate, which is ideal for warming up the body and excelling fat loss. 


Mini Trampoline

You can easily add some fun into your at-home workouts with a mini trampoline. You may have had a trampoline as a child, so you will know how they work. As a child, we typically use them for fun. As an adult, they are a great piece of exercise equipment. 

You may have seen trampoline classes, which are designed to excel the heart rate and fat loss. These classes can be done at home, or you can have your own fun with it. You can use them inside or outside to excel your at-home workouts and get the most out of your sessions.


Exercise Bike

For those dedicated to cardio or love cycling, you can satisfy those needs in the comfort of your own home with an exercise bike. Some newer models are smart bikes, which allow you to ride along with friends or classes. 

Exercise bikes do not have to take up a lot of space. There are many on the market that are ideal for smaller inside spaces, such as a workout corner or living room. You will never have to miss out on fun and intense cardio again with an at-home exercise bike.


Ab Roller

To intensify your core sessions, an ab roller is a great piece of equipment to have at-home. These are designed to tighten the core and challenge your upper body strength. When used with a mat, you can maximize your performance. 

They work by balancing on your knees and rolling out as flat as possible by holding onto the handles. This strengthens the core and is a real challenge, which is ideal to boost your core strength and fitness ability from home. 


Fold-down Treadmill

No matter if you have lots of spare space to fill your home with exercise equipment or not, a fold-down treadmill is ideal for any home. These can be as long and wide as an exercise mat, so most spaces will be able to fit them. 

A fold-down treadmill is ideal for those who love cardio and do not know how to get fitter at-home. They can be used for challenges, improving your running times, and enhancing your cardio fitness. 

With these at-home exercise equipment pieces, you will never have to miss out on your favorite workouts. Whether you love to practice yoga, intensify your weight-training, or cycle, these can all be done from home. If you have limited space, there are many storage solutions available so that you can make them suit the space you have. With these equipment ideas, there is no excuse to miss out on your daily exercise.

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