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mountain biking

Biking is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to get around. It is a great way to exercise, save money on transportation costs, and reduce your carbon footprint. But what kind of bike should you choose? Find out about 5 different types of biking that will suit any lifestyle.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is probably the most popular form of biking right now and involves riding rugged trails with jumps, drops, water crossings, etc. This type of biking can be done for fun or as serious competition in events like the Olympics. Mountain bikes are made specifically for this type of terrain. Their wheels are thicker than road bike wheels, which are between 16mm and 28mm wide. This allows them to better grip unpaved trails while remaining light enough not to slow you down too much when climbing hills or when your bike is completely empty. Mountain bikers love adventure and new experiences. They enjoy riding over rough terrain, both uphill and downhill. If you like pushing yourself physically with some challenges along the way, this might be right for you. Mountain biking requires strength and endurance. You'll spend most of your time climbing rather than descending because gravity will force you down when going uphill (even if it's slight). 

Commuting/Urban Riding

Commuter bikes are more upright than mountain bikes. Still, they have similar tires, so they can easily ride over rough terrain if needed. These bikes can also have a basket attached to the front for carrying items. 

Road Cycling

Road cycling refers to long-distance rides on open roads without any obstacles like trees or rocks. It's popular among recreational and fitness cyclists. Road cycling has its advantages in speed due to less resistance by wind or terrain compared with mountain bikes, making them more ideal for long distances. 

If you get tired at about the same time every day, consider taking up road cycling as your preferred type of biking. It may provide health benefits, including weight loss guidance, stress relief, improved cardiovascular system function, increased muscle mass development, and better sleep. If your idea of biking includes going fast and far then, road cycling is for you. 

Cyclocross Racing

Cyclocross racing involves riding on courses that are often around a mile long and in stadiums with barriers, hills, dirt roads/paths, etc. Cyclocross bicycles are road bikes with flat handlebars that allow you to sit more upright than traditional road bikes. They also often have beefier wheels and tires than other bikes to better navigate rough terrains like gravel paths or dirt roads.

BMX Racing (or Freestyle BMX)

BMX bikes are designed specifically for stunts and tricks that involve jumping off ramps or performing acrobatics in the air without worrying about breaking any bones due to the bike's design which is meant to absorb shock, so you don't have to. This type of biking can be done by anyone regardless of age. However, many professional cyclists choose this form because it satisfies their need for speed, adventure, and adrenaline. It was first invented during the 70s but didn't take over until much later when people realized its potential as a great sport/activity that involved athletic skill rather than just something fun kids did after school on their bikes.

Safety In All Areas

So your interest might be tickled, and you want to try out one of these types of biking. All good and well, but there is more than just buying the bike and hitting the road. Protection is vital, and ensuring that you have the appropriate helmet to keep your noggin safe is paramount. Don't forget shoes - cleats or not? Depending on what type of bike you will buy, you might want to consider getting bicycle insurance or set up a savings plan because even out on the road, it's not always 100% safe. Better safe than sorry is applied in every aspect for bikers, from their gear, trail chosen, and even in the group that rides with them.

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