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Bacon Brewhouse Mother Cruncher Now Available at Checkers & Rally's

Bacon Brewhouse Mother Cruncher chicken sandwich at Checkers and Ralley's

Hungry? Good! There is a new bad ass chicken sandwich in town and you can get it at Checkers & Rally's nationwide. The  Brewhouse Mother Cruncher chicken sandwich infuses both bacon and beer cheese flavor sauce for that party-in-your-mouth taste that I know most of you crave on a daily basis.

Now available for a limited time, Checkers & Rally's new Bacon Brewhouse Mother Cruncher features a crispy all-white meat chicken breast topped with its new savory beer cheese flavor sauce topped with real bacon pieces, two strips of smoky bacon, spicy pickles and crispy onion tanglers served on a toasted bakery-style bun – all for $5.99.

"Look no further if you're ready to be blown away by our newest chicken sandwich with no equal," said Ryan Joy, Senior Director of Development at Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. "While the sandwich is made complete with beer cheese flavor sauce, we assure everyone it's safe to enjoy in our drive-thru behind the wheel. The only thing you might be under the influence of is the crazy amount of flavor found in every bacon-infused bite."

Bacon Brewhouse Mother Cruncher chicken sandwich

The Bacon Brewhouse Mother Cruncher pairs perfectly with Checkers & Rally's Famous Seasoned Fries, recognized as the #1 Most Craveable Fries in America*. The new burger can also be ordered as part of a small, medium or large combo meal, which includes fries and a drink.

For more information, hours of operation, or to find a Checkers or Rally's location near you, please visit www.checkers.com.

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