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Virtual Santa Visit Giveaway

Ho Ho Ho! It's that time of year again and Santa is getting ready to make his rounds next month to see all the good boys and girls around the world. In normal years, part of this pre-Christmas ritual would be to take the kids to the mall and have them tell Santa what they hoped to get under the tree. This year though ... well ... 2020 is a bit different. Santa believes in social distancing but wants to still spread some holiday cheer and so The Kringle Life has decided to offer virtual Santa visits between now and Christmas Eve.

If you recognize Santa in the photos here, it's because it's none other than me, James ... #MenWhoBlog Founder and Publisher of ManTripping.com. I'm joined by my wife Heather who is starring as Ms. Holly. 

The two of us have had a crazy year and so we want to leverage our talents and resources to spread some holiday cheer. Our mission is to put smiles on faces. So, if we can help make even one child experience the magic and joy of seeing Santa ... then we've been successful! This is a work of passion for Heather and I. We would appreciate any help each of you can offer to help spread the word to your family and friends.

We deliberately priced it at a deliberately low cost so that it could be accessible to as many families as possible.

Prices start at just $10 per family for a 5-minute visit and we'll be hosting sing-along and storybook group sessions for $5 a family. Each session will be conducted via Zoom and may be scheduled in advance by visiting www.TheKringleLife.com.


Santa having a great time before he needs to get back to the North Pole for Christmas duties. Check out www.TheKringleLife.com ##santa ##christmas

♬ Twist And Shout - Isley Brothers

You can also follow us on TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@thekringlelife

This Virtual Santa Visit giveaway is structured a bit differently than other giveaways that we've done since we'll be selecting winners weekly on each Friday between November 27 and December 18.

Prize Schedule:

11/27 Prize: One 5-minute Virtual Santa Visit

12/4 Prize: One 5-minute Virtual Santa Visit

12/11 Prize: Two Virtual Santa Sing Along Visits

12/18 Prize: Two Virtual Santa Sing Along Visits

Virtual Santa Visits must be scheduled directly with Santa and Ms. Holly from The Kringle Life and time requests will be honored based on availability. Sing Along Visits will be scheduled based on adding the winner's family to existing sessions.

The Kringle Life Virtual Santa Visit

Thank you

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