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Why Your Next Vacation Road Trip Should Be On Two Wheels Instead Of Four

two wheels instead of four for your next road trip

When it comes to road trips, RVs, trucks, and SUVs aren't the only options ... a good ole' motorcycle might just be the perfect thing instead.

Road trips can be some of the best trips you can ever have. There are options for all timescales, preferences, and budgets. Although the term “road trip” may suggest traveling by car, traveling by motorcycle can actually be a far more fun (and economical) option. Here are just some of the reasons why you should think about road tripping on two wheels.


It’s economical

Even if you have to hire a motorcycle, it’s still an economical option. As motorcycles are generally more affordable than cars, insurance costs tend to be lower. Obviously, your insurance will only be valid if you drive within the law. This means it’s a good idea to check motorcycle laws in any state you’re visiting. That, however, applies to cars too.

Fuel costs will definitely be lower for motorcycles. Firstly, they are lighter than cars. Secondly, you have to streamline your luggage when you’re on one. This lowers their overall weight and hence your fuel costs. A lot of other costs end up being lower when you’re on a motorcycle too. For example, chargeable parking tends to have lower prices for motorcycles. What’s more, it’s often easier to find options for free parking. You can squeeze a motorcycle into gaps that are way too small for a car.

Some people look at RV's as a way to save on costs since you can avoid hotels and cook your own food but that's far from a simple answer. Take a look at RV Extended Warranty costs, especially if you plan to take an RV out for a spin on a longer journey. Don’t let poor travel planning ruin the big occasion! 

Parking is much less painful

If you’re planning on visiting a city then a motorcycle will give you much more freedom than a car. The main reason for this is that parking a motorcycle is just so much less painful than parking a car.  

Anyone who’s taken a car into a city knows that most of the time you have to park in out-of-the-way spots. You then have to find some other way to get to wherever it is you actually want to be. If you’re on a motorcycle, by contrast, you have a much higher chance of being able to park at the places you want to see (or at least nearby).


You can get off the beaten track more easily

If you want to do heavy-duty off-roading then a proper off-road vehicle is likely to be your best option. If, however, you just want to get off the main tourist trails, then a motorcycle is likely to be a far better option than a car. Not only are they lighter but they’re also narrower.  

This can make a huge difference in the countryside where you can be dealing with tracks rather than proper roads. It can also increase your safety. Quite simply, you can turn a motorcycle in far less space than you need to turn a car. This means that a motorcyclist can have the option to reverse course where a car driver simply has to commit and hope for the best.


You really feel the vibe

Open tops and convertibles are good but even they don’t deliver the same vibe as being on a motorcycle. You’re much more connected with the world around you. This gives you the chance to feel it and appreciate it a whole lot more. If you’re worried about the weather, don’t be. You just need to dress for it.

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