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reading to a child

There is no doubt that the reading abilities a child acquires early significantly impact their success in school, career, and overall well-being. The wonderful thing about helping your child succeed is that you can do it by reading to them when they are tiny. 

The power of reading is often seen as one of the most powerful and nurturing activities you can do with your child to give them the best foundation to succeed in life. Reading and literacy form a considerable part of everyday life, and it is never too early to begin reading to your child.

This post looks at some of the benefits of reading regularly to your child.

Supported Cognitive Development

It has been scientifically shown that reading to youngsters significantly increases their cognitive abilities and assists in their cognitive growth.

“The formation of the ability to think and understand is called cognitive development. It occurs during childhood, adolescence, and adulthood and involves memory, problem-solving, and decision-making - HealthofChildren.com.

When it comes to perceiving and thinking about their reality, people can do so in various ways, including concerning such abilities as attention span, reasoning, and remembering.

Parental reading aloud to your child helps them better understand their surroundings, which can benefit their ability to recognize what they see, hear, and read. This assertion has been asserted by numerous educators and researchers, who believe that “the conversation that surrounds the reading gives the story weight, helping youngsters bridge the content of the story and their own lives.” When introducing reading to your young child and the discussions that it will inspire, you're providing them with a chance to understand their own lives, especially when they're still young.

Improved Language Skills

Research has shown that early reading to young children, starting in infancy, helps with communication, social, language abilities, and literacy skills. These results are likely because reading to your child from birth develops a portion of the brain that makes them comprehend the meaning of language and enables them to establish early childhood learning, literacy, and social skills.

Research on adults and children revealed that reading books with young children stimulates the brain's visual imagination and language comprehension. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, almost one-third of American children start school unable to read proficiently. About two-thirds of third-graders are not yet reading proficiently. 

Another way to look at it is that when you are exposed to language in the form of words and text, you are exposed to another type of language altogether. Because children's books or classic novels tend to use more descriptive, more formal grammatical structures, book language is typically more descriptive.

Boost Their Education

Taking the time to read with your child early on in life is an excellent way for both of you to connect. It allows youngsters to build their vocabulary and listening abilities by exposing them to new words and listening to someone read to them.

Numerous studies suggest that preschool students who read beforehand have an advantage when they begin their formal schooling.

The children will first face these literacy and language abilities in elementary school and beyond. Still, you can help them a head start by reading to them in the earlier stages of their development, starting at infancy and continuing into the toddler years. This is why it's important to teach phonemic awareness to your child.

As they won't be able to work on fluency or phonics skills, the younger children will begin to explore phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and reading comprehension, all of which will provide the groundwork for future success.

Develop A Stronger Bond

You'd be surprised how many people fail to see how essential reading aloud to your children is. Parents who interact with their children often show them new things and introduce them to something they enjoy. There is no better time to start a fun tradition with your children than when they are little. When your child shares their reading with you, they will have faith in you, as they know you'll be there for them. Trust is vital for young children.

When you read a beloved book to your children, you'll also become closer to them and make them feel more relaxed and well-being. By helping your child feel closer to you, this feeling of intimacy has a dual purpose: it also enables your child to feel loved and cared for, which leads to positive growth and development.

Even though babies may not be able to grasp what you're saying when you read to them, reading aloud provides a vital level of care and reassurance. Small newborns especially enjoy the sound of their parents' voices, so reading is a great way to foster this relationship.

On a more wide scientific level, the relationship between parents and children affects a child's life trajectory. Providing your child with something constant and predictable like reading aloud will give them something that will hopefully be looked forward to, mainly because reading aloud is part of their daily routine at home and school.

Improved Concentration

The additional benefit of scheduling regular reading time is not just that it gives you and your child time to spend together. Still, it can also help foster better discipline and concentration. It's hard to keep a young child's attention for long, and especially in the early stages, kids might be fidgety. But you can begin to see changes in your child's behavior if you start including a regular reading routine. However, it will take time for toddlers to adjust to the experience, and they'll ultimately learn to focus throughout the entirety of the story.

According to EarlyMoments.com, along with reading comprehension, early childhood development improves the ability to pay attention, stay focused, and remember things.

Greater Imagination

For young toddlers, there is a natural tendency to think big and imagine. A benefit of reading aloud to your child is that it lets them use their imaginations to expand on their surroundings, learning about people, places, and events that are entirely unrelated to their own life. While reading is mainly done for information, reading to provide your child access to all kinds of different worlds may be the magic key to unlock your child's imagination. Growing their imagination can enable your child to envision more extraordinary things and lead to them making inspired decisions at school, at work, and in life.

Create A Lifelong Love of Reading

If you can teach children from an early age to enjoy reading, then a lifelong commitment to learning will follow. When reading to your child aloud, the books become like fun, enriching, and enthralling experiences. When kids care about books, they want to read them all independently, and they will likely do so for the rest of their lives.

Reading to your children has benefits that extend far beyond fostering a solid relationship with your child. The single most important action you can do to create the understanding and abilities that will help your child succeed as a reader is to read to them every day.

When it comes to reading to your children, the benefits to your child's life go far beyond the formation of a deep link with them, though it is undoubtedly one of them. Reading aloud to children is, without a doubt, the best and most effective way for developing the comprehension and abilities necessary for reading success that your child will use throughout their entire life. So what are you waiting for, pick up that book and start reading!

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