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Considering Moving In With Your Partner? Here's Three Things To Consider

what to consider before you move in with your girlfriend or fiancee

Moving in with a partner is a big step and even though it’s exciting, it can be a bit of a bumpy ride. Living with somebody is totally different from dating them, and there are going to be certain things that you clash on. Knowing what those areas of tension are before you move in together can help you both make compromises so things go smoothly and you don’t end up at each other's throats. These are some of the common things that couples argue about after moving in together. 


Money is one of the things that couples argue about the most, and this usually begins when they move in together. When you are dating and you don’t live together, you each have your own finances and you never really worry too much about your partner’s money matters. But once you move in together and start splitting all of the bills, their finances suddenly affect you. If they blow all of their money and can’t afford rent, that impacts you and you have to pick up the slack. Couples often find themselves arguing because they have different ideas about how to handle money. It’s a good idea to discuss how you will handle the joint finances before you move in together, and talk about things like opening a joint savings account too. As long as you both know where you stand, things should be fine. 

Sleep Problems

If your partner snores or rolls around during the night, it can affect your sleep and that often leads to arguments. Although you have most likely experienced their sleep habits before, it’s a little different when you are sharing the bed every single night. If it becomes a problem, you should consider a new mattress, like the Puffy mattress (click this link to see the review) which has great motion absorption, so even if your partner is very restless, you won’t feel a thing. If there is an issue with snoring, you could try a white noise machine or go to the doctor and see if there is anything they can do. When one of you is tired because the other one kept them awake, arguments are only just around the corner so you need to tackle this problem early on. 


Some people don’t mind too much if there are a few dishes in the sink or if the carpet hasn’t been vacuumed for a few days. But some people really do mind, and when you have both kinds of people living together, this leads to a lot of tension. The key to dealing with this problem is compromise. The messy one needs to agree to be a bit tidier but equally, the neat one needs to learn to relax a little and deal with some mess from time to time. When you meet in the middle, you will both be much happier. You can use these tips to take the stress out of cleaning and hopefully avoid any arguments about chores. 

These are the things that you are likely to argue about when you first move in. As long as you can come to a compromise, you have a good foundation to build your relationship on.

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