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dating tips for men wanting to date older women

If she is older than you by five years or more, she qualifies as an older woman. Some men find women who are older than them much better to date. It could be because she is more sophisticated and has more experience in life, making her more loving and less confusing. Here are a few tips to chew on if you decide to date an older woman.


As with most human interactions, effective communication is necessary. Older women have better communication skills and are more patient to listen to you when compared to younger women. However, the communication needs to be great from your side. You will also need to be ready to tackle some tough conversations and not hide your feelings on certain topics because she doesn't have time to waste on trying to figure you out. Mature women tend to be brutally blunt and do not mince their words; being a receptive partner will keep communication lines open at all times. On the plus side, you don't have to guess what they mean because they say it clearly. So being vulnerable and communicating well is sure to make your relationship better.



Labels and Age Gap

Some women find being called a cougar highly offensive and disrespectful which will only piss her off. These labels communicate that you have a problem with her age or are dating her to fulfill a bucket list fantasy and are not in the relationship for genuine reasons. These sentiments are also valid when you keep bringing up how huge the age gap is between you two. It is honestly distasteful to bring up the age gap and may be construed to mean that it bothers you. Before getting into a relationship with a mature woman, make sure that it is what you want and not conduct some experiments. Be thoughtful and have her back, especially when you are around people and friends who may feel that your relationship is unacceptable because of the age difference. Some women don't mind being called a cougar and knowing how your lady leans towards not offending her.


The Past and Personal Space

Her age means that she has gone through some things you have yet to or will never experience. Mistakes and bad decisions are a part of life and learning. An older woman has had more life experience and mistakes in her past, which you need to make peace with and not badger her about it. Older women have a more solid routine of doing things, and sometimes what they are doing will not involve you. Generally, older women are more independent, which may sometimes make you feel left out. Always communicate how you can spend time together while still giving each other personal space. Understand that she has things to do without you, and it's okay.


The Future

In a healthy relationship, talking about the future is essential. You need to align your life goals to avoid misunderstandings in your relationship. Some contentious issues may center on marriage and kids. She may be divorced and have kids and not want to get married again or have more kids. If these are life milestones you want to achieve, you may look at what options can help without hurting either party. If your lady has kids, you will need to discuss the potential step-father role. Being prepared mentally will help you correct your facts on what you need to do.


Respect and Complements

You and your lady are not from the same generation. What you consider harmless banter may be misinterpreted as rude to her and vice versa. You may also differ in what you consider to be fun. Respecting each other's choices is paramount for a successful relationship. It would be best to keep reminding her of her age simply because she doesn't want to spend the whole night at the club with you. Complements are a great way to make your lady feel valued; this applies to older women. Women never stop needing passion and feeling special to their partner. It would help if you also steered away from backhanded compliments that are poised against her age.

Dating an older woman can be the best decision you ever make as a man. However, you will need to be confident in yourself and exude a certain level of maturity to make it work.

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