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When raising a growing family, your yard is one of the most important spaces within the home. 

It's a place where your children can play each day, whether they’re practicing for their next baseball game or you turn your back garden into a North Pole Paradise each Christmas. However, the last thing you want to do after a busy day at work is start mowing the lawn or picking up weeds, which is perhaps why so many people let their yards fall into disrepair.

We’re here to let you in on a little secret, however. Gardening does not have to be all that difficult or time-consuming. Don’t believe us? Check out these tips on how to keep your yard looking great - without really trying! 

MAKE IT EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY. Gardening can become time-consuming when you’re doing it all alone, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a lot of land on your hands. However, by allocating each family member an age-appropriate task, maintaining your yard becomes a lot easier. 

INSTALL SYNTHETIC GRASS TO SAVE TIME AND ENERGY. Installing Turft Synthetic Grass & Courts is perhaps the easiest way to ensure your yard always looks its best. After all, it means that your yard will remain green all year round, no matter the weather conditions you are facing. It also requires far less maintenance than ‘real’ grass, making it a great investment. 

FOCUS ON LOCAL PLANTS AND FLOWERS. It requires a lot less effort to care for local plants and flowers than those from further afield, as they are adapted to thrive in the environment in which you are planting them. That means you won’t have to show them as much care and attention as regional plants. You should also focus on plants that are known to be low maintenance, such as those that only require the occasional watering. 

DEAL WITH GARDENING TASKS SEASONALLY. Kickstart each new season by carrying out some basic garden maintenance tasks. This will minimize the amount of time you need to spend gardening overall, as you’re not giving any issues time to develop into something worse. 

KEEP IT SIMPLE. When it comes to lowering the amount of time you need to spend on garden maintenance, you simply need to lower the amount of tasks you need to complete. For example, it's easier to care for 10 plants than it is to care for 20. Keep things as simple as possible, and you’ll notice that the amount of time you need to spend getting your hands dirty lowers quite considerably. 

THROWN ON SOME FERTZILIZER. If you want to give your plants and flowers the opportunity to thrive while spending as little time on them as possible, you could benefit from using fertilizer. After all, this ensures that the soil surrounding the plants is as nutrient-rich as possible! However, you should be careful when choosing fertilizer for your garden, as some of them could actually do more harm than good. Where possible, purchase products with eco-friendly, organic ingredients as opposed to overly harsh chemicals. 

KEEP THE PESTS AWAY. Pests can near-instantly destroy your garden! As a result, finding effective ways to keep pests at bay is crucial moving forward. For example, you could lay down pesticide or ensure that plants are properly covered. 

HIRE A LANDSCAPER OR GARDENER. If you simply do not have the time or energy to dedicate to yard maintenance and gardening, the good news is that you can always hire someone to carry out these tasks on your behalf. Not only will this allow you to spend more time relaxing (or actually enjoying the garden), but it also means tasks will be completed to a high standard, turning a dull garden into something truly special.

In short, whether you’re busy with work, spending time with your kids, or simply want to spend more time relaxing, you can still ensure that your yard is in good shape. Many of the tips listed above require minimal effort on your end while still working toward the bigger picture of maintaining the kind of yard you can be proud of! 

Furthemore, it's worth noting that there are many benefits associated with keeping your yard in good shape. For example, it means that your home can become the #1 destination among friends and family for BBQs, cookouts and everything in between. When the time comes to sell, it could also add value to your home.

As such, gardening is something you should consider putting at least a little time into moving forward.

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