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weekend getaway with the family

Planning a safe staycation instead of international jet-setting is a wonderful way to see your country. The road trip alone can be an adventure. But there are dangers to be aware of. From doing your research to teaching the kids, here are some handy security suggestions.

Know the Routes to Take

Just knowing the route to get to your destination and alternatives can be a game changer. All too many of us set out on a trip without a real plan. But when the worst happens, what do you do then? You can use services such as Checkr's data on safe driving states as you trek across America. But it also helps to plan around safe routes no matter where you go. There are some roads that are more tourist-friendly than others with all the creature comforts your family needs!

Research the Vacation Area 

There are some truly stunning places you can visit for a staycation. However, when you want some peace and quiet, you often have to go off the beaten path a little. This means you might be pretty far from help if something happens or even a supermarket when supplies are low! A quick Google about the area you are staying in can provide tons of info about the nearest places to eat, emergency details, and even the weather you can expect. So take ten minutes to check!

Pack Summer Essentials for a Safe Staycation

Summer is a dangerous season. Wildfires, heat exhaustion and drought are common these days. In 2022 alone, sadly, 33 kids died from heatstroke in the United States. For example, it helps to pack summer essentials for camping safety as you may not be near the resources we take for granted. This includes sun block, foods such as fruit and plenty of drinking water. You can also do yourself a favor by avoiding drinks such as tea and coffee, and alcoholic drinks.

Teach the Kids About Strangers

You generally don't know anyone when you are away from home, and this can leave you vulnerable. The kids especially! Unfortunately, there are bad people, even in the most beautiful places. From an early age, it helps to teach the children to stay away from strangers. Not to be rude, but to never go with anyone they don't know. It also helps to tell them to report anyone who tries to touch or grab them and run away to the nearest person that they know.

Provide the Kids with Cell Phones

Kids love exploring when on vacation. And as hard as it can be to let them go, exploration is a vital tool when growing up. Of course, limits should be set. But even then, it helps to know where they are. Cell phones are a perfect way to keep track of the kids, and you can call them when you need to. But you can actually put tracking software on their phones. This is helpful if they get lost while out together on their own little adventure or if they just lose track of time!


Knowing the safest routes will help plan a safe staycation during the summer with the kids. Packing essentials such as water and sunblock is vital when out and about. Cell phones are also valuable in case the kids get lost or lose track of time while they're out exploring!

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