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Fitness Routine

Fitness should play an important role in every man’s life. However, the harsh reality is that when starting a new fitness plan, there is a chance you’ll give up within weeks. And even if you don’t, your results may fall short of what you desire.

There are many reasons why you may be struggling but understanding them will give you the best shot at getting back on track. Here are six you need to know.


No Defined Goals

It’s one thing to say that you want to lose 10kg, but it doesn’t make you take accountability. For the best results, you should set a time frame and think about the work that must be completed to achieve those targets. Rather than focusing on the scales, it is often best to think about performance-based targets. Stating that you will run 10km without stopping within six months, for example, will keep you more motivated. Consistency is king.


No Variety

Keeping the mind engaged with fitness is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face. You will probably stay in the right frame of mind for the first few weeks, but the routines can become a little boring in a short period of time. Injecting some fresh energy with unique sports can be a particularly good option. However, even training at different gyms from time to time will have a positive influence. Banish the boredom and your long-term aspirations will look better.


Injuries Hold You Back

There is nothing worse than taking one step forward and two steps back. Sadly, failure to treat injuries will inevitably cause disruptions and reduce your mental desire to stay on plan. Wearing supportive attire to prevent known vulnerabilities is a great starting point. You should also use wound care products when suffering skin wounds on the court. Otherwise, infections could force you out of action for a week or two. Be sure to treat non-fitness wounds too.


Your Lifestyle Lets You Down

Working out and being physically active will bring positive results. However, the impacts will be severely reduced if it is not supported by a winning lifestyle. Fueling the body with the right foods is vital. Likewise, you must be sure to avoid undereating just as much as overeating. Staying hydrated is another focal point that will keep up your energy levels, leaving you less likely to skip sessions. Of course, healthy sleep patterns are crucial too.


No Competitive Edge

Internal motivation is a wonderful thing. Sometimes, though, there’s nothing quite like wanting to beat your friend or relative. So, finding the best fitness watches can be immensely rewarding as you’ll be able to track your progress and compete against others. For similar reasons, joining an amateur sports league can deliver stunning results. When you are forced to stay consistent and driven, failure simply isn’t an option for your fitness plans.


No Balance

Finally, you must remember that fitness is only one aspect of a healthy life. For the best results, it’s imperative that you seek balance. Giving up happiness in other aspects of your life for the sake of a six-pack isn’t healthy. This is another reason to focus on performance, not least because bodily changes will still occur. Ultimately, fitness is meant to enhance your life as a whole. If it doesn’t achieve this goal, you will inevitably give up.

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