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man wearing navy blue

When men need something to wear, they often turn to basic black. However, navy blue is an option that should never be overlooked. Much like black, it can be worn every season, and it will make an outfit look amazing.

Guys often put this color away when the weather turns warm, but they don't need to. It's the perfect color for casual events and special occasions at any time of the year. There's a reason it is the color worn by sailors in the British Royal Navy. It makes any man look amazing.

People often think people in the U.S. Navy also wear navy blue, but their uniforms are actually black. This helps to minimize fading. Always choose dark shades of navy blue for the best look, such as navy blue dress shirts for men.

Creating an Outfit With Navy Blue Clothing

While navy is a color, a man can wear it as a neutral. Anything that goes well with white, tan, or black will work with navy blue. However, this color can also be paired with bright hues and look amazing. Try different combinations to find those that are most comfortable for the wearer.

Wearing Navy Blue at Work

As navy goes with any color, a man can wear it every day and never put on the same outfit twice. It works well with all shades of blue. However, a man may also want to pair it with orange, its complementary color on the color wheel. Outfits created with these two colors are sure to draw attention everywhere the man goes for the right reasons.

Consider replacing a blazer with a navy cardigan for a fresh look. Wear dress pants, and finish off the outfit with some brown penny loafers. Men and women alike will admire your fashion sense and want to dress in similar ways.

Choose classic pieces that will last for years. This is particularly true when buying a suit. A man spends good money on a suit, so it should last for several years. Choosing one in navy blue ensures it won't go out of style.

A Casual Look

Navy blue shouldn't be reserved for the workplace. Pull out a pair of navy chinos for a Saturday with friends. Wear them with an orange button-up shirt or a red polo. Patterns are also good for matching with navy blue, so keep this in mind when choosing an outfit. Every man should have a navy sweater in their car for cold nights. A navy gingham shirt is another option that should always be available, as it will work with any outfit.

Choose some bright accessories to offset the navy. For example, wear a navy-blue jacket over a brightly colored shirt or add a colorful handkerchief to a sport coat when out on the town. The ideas are endless when a man wears navy blue.

Where Can Navy Be Worn?

Navy can be worn anywhere a man plans to go. It's perfect for weddings, evenings on the beach with friends, a Saturday at the ballpark, or the office. In fact, navy can replace black and brown in any man's wardrobe with ease.

Purchase one navy blue staple for the wardrobe and wear it a few times. Men who do so find they receive numerous compliments. This leads them to want to add other navy items to their clothing selection. With so many options available today, doing so is easy.

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