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The #MenWhoBlog Virtual Happy Hour is a production co-hosted by James from and Kevin from along with a cast of guests that include hospitality workers, musicians, bloggers, and influencers. While the concept of a "Virtual Happy Hour" might not be unique, our show differs because it is a production that brings together thematic episodes with more than just chatter between talking heads. For instance, the typical episode features a musical guest, alcohol tastings and/or a cocktail demonstration to entertain our audiences across a 60-90 minute experience. 

Additionally, the motivating factor behind the creation of the #MenWhoBlog Virtual Happy Hour was to support the full spectrum of hospitality businesses as they adapt and then recover from the COVID-19 Pandemic. We do this by highlighting aid organizations, businesses supporting the industry, and individual guests that are doing big and small contributions to their community.


How to Watch:

The #MenWhoBlog Virtual Happy Hour is broadcast on #MenWhoBlog and PubClub Facebook pages, as well as @MenWhoBlog Twitter, and MenWhoBlog YouTube.

However, the best place to direct people to would be the "Live" page on '' as this has all the information on upcoming shows and the YouTube stream from our most recent episode.


Stats, Facts, and FAQs:

Our first episode was March 27, 2020 featuring Batch Mead from Temecula, California.

Episodes vary in reach depending on guests and topic, our typical shows current attract 1,500 live views across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube distribution channels.

Our name is "Men Who Blog" - we love our female friends and influencers. They are more than welcome to join us as guests, musicians, and sponsors. 

The genesis of this show was to help support hospitality businesses and workers adapt but we look forward to continue supporting the industry through recovery and ongoing growth in the future.



James Hills - and Founder of #MenWhoBlog is the world's leading destination for men's travel and lifestyle tips for men. In operation since 2010, James saw an opportunity to develop a community to promote male voices and comradery among male influencers to connect them with brands and so created shortly after. In 2020 he opened the site up to guest contributors across the male lifestyle influencer spectrum and also launched the #MenWhoBlog Virtual Happy Hour with Kevin from as well as other shows featuring a variety of male influencers on topics ranging from men's health, automotive, and travel. 


Kevin Wilkerson - and Co-Host of #MenWhoBlog Virtual Happy Hour is a website focused on travel, events and nightlife around the globe. With articles ranging from partying in Mykonos, Greece, to Jimmy Buffett concerts to the best college football tailgate parties, along with wine, craft beer and spirits, It provides content on anywhere in the world where you can have a drink in your hand. lives up to its slogan, "Where The World Goes To Party!"


Images, Logos, B-Roll, and Head Shots:

(coming soon, currently available upon request)


Media and Public Appearances:

We are available for media interviews discussing the #MenWhoBlog Virtual Happy Hour, the role of male influencers and bloggers, male consumer behavior, and helping media connect with our guests. This includes serving as an expert source for background research as well as direct coverage. We are also available as speakers for conferences and public events.

We have been featured in ...

  • WGN TV (San Diego)
  • KCAL (Los Angeles)
  • KCBS (Los Angeles)
  • Union-Tribune (San Diego)

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