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lucky tiger essential grooming kit

We're thrilled to be working together with the men's grooming company, Lucky Tiger on a bunch of different initiatives this year and today we've got a chance for you guys to win some free product! We want to hear your first shave stories, or those of you teaching your son how to shave for the first time. To kick things off, we've invited a few of our #MenWhoBlog members to share their stories but we want to hear yours as well!

Lucky Tiger is a heritage brand that was first launched in 1935 but has now been re-launched for sale online, available across the United States. Personally, I love the natural scents and feeling of Lucky Tiger because it's not overpowering and while smelling good ... still makes you smell like a real man. 

They have a variety of products available ranging from shaving products to mustache wax and even the "Head to Tail Shampoo & Body Wash", but their most popular are available as part of the Essential Grooming Kit. This includes:  Face Wash, Liquid Cream Shave, After Shave & Face Tonic, and Face Moisturizer and that's what we're giving away today. First though, let's hear some first shave stories from some of our favorite bloggers ...

Mike Satterfield from TheGentlemanRacer.com

I remember when I was little watching my dad shave, he preferred an actual razor as opposed to an electric, I would mimic him in the mirror and sometimes he would even put shaving cream on my face and let me scrape it off with a razor made of legos. I must have been about 14-15 when he taught me how to shave with a real razor, its just one of those things that you never forget as a guy, a daily ritual that is passed down from father to son.

Greg Baugher from SuburbanMen.com

Shaving is very much a rite of passage to becoming a man. As a boy, I had a toy shave kit that I use to “shave” along Side Dad at the bathroom sink. I don’t remember him actually teaching me to shave, it was more of a watch and copy process. There were of course a few helpful hints, “Rinse your blade often”, “Be careful around your nose” and “Let the razor do the work.” I lost my father at a young age, but one of my fondest memories remains standing next to him, toweling the excess shaving cream off my face a hearing him admire what I fine job I did.

Kevin Wilkerson from PubClub.com

Who taught me to shave? My dad, of course. I could not wait to do it – to teenage boys, it was a sign of turning into a man – but my dad told me (correctly as it turns out) that I would not always be looking forward to shaving. ... A friend named Fred Beasley (a stud HS basketball player) taught me to shave after the shower because "the whiskers really stand up on your face from the steam"

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