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Important Divorce Statistics Men Should Know

divorce stats

Getting into a marriage is something that appeals to a lot of men. We like the idea of being in the company of a woman, both for emotional and physical reasons. 

But the statistics on marital breakdown are disturbing. We believe that things will go well for us because we’re great at making the right decisions. But that’s not always how it works out in practice. Sometimes, we wind up with problems. 

The following infographic describes some of the biggest reasons why people get divorced. Top of the list, as you might expect, is cheating. But there are many other reasons too that you might not expect. For instance, the second most popular reason for divorce is being unhappy, and the fourth most popular is falling out of love, followed by things like “wanting different things” and “not communicating anymore.” 

It’s interesting, therefore, how easily some marriages fall apart. Reasons can be purely emotional and, sometimes, short-term. 

Most people, however, don’t want their marriages to end immediately. In fact, they do as much as possible to prevent that from happening. For instance, more than 76 percent of people say that they tried hard to fix the problems in their marriage but couldn’t. More than 47 percent of people said that they continued working on their marriages for the sake of their children. 

These data points indicate that people still believe in the institution of marriage. But, for whatever reason, they are unable to make it work emotionally. 

If you’d like to learn more, check out the following infographic: 


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