If Paintball Is Too Tame You Should Try Airsoft Instead

airsoft is paintball's cooler more agressive and realistic cousin

While paintball has become a household name, there is a more realistic, grittier, more adrenaline-filled sport that you should consider next. Airsoft is played in leagues, battlefields, and tactics similar to paintball but using realistic looking weapons and plastic pellets instead of exploding balls of paint.

This is because it allows for advanced simulation of a sophisticated battlefield, just of course without the possibility of being hit. Instead of just playing on the computer or in front of the TV, paintball allows for a dynamic, competitive and realistic experience, which significantly raises adrenaline levels and leaves a taste of more. Why paintball? If you like the sport, you may want to look at all the accessories from Land Warrior Airsoft


Realistic In The Right Measure 

Airsoft takes in its essence everything that sets modern fighting apart and turns it into a positive, playful, and enjoyable situation. With the right knowledge and equipment, it is certainly possible to create a very realistic image. Instead of fiddling with game boards in all kinds of video and computer games, the player can go out into the field, react to the other players, hold and use the equipment and feel the game for real. For the purpose of the game and the experience, each player receives an advanced rifle and a variety of protection and camouflage equipment, and in the complex, there are many means of decoration for tactics, hiding, and camouflage.

Surprising and Exciting With Realistic Action

There are not many entertainment and game options that provide such a level of dynamism, adrenaline, and emotion. Airsoft is an experience you remember and want to recreate over and over again. You can't get bored during the game and the players don't have a bad moment - at any given moment there is something to do defensively or offensively.

Healthy Exercise

In an age where we reduce exercise too much at any level, the game of airsoft gives us a chance to move and run, whether it's for hiding, capturing the flag, or hitting a target.

Teamwork and Comradery

Forging one of the most significant elements in both Airsoft and Paintball is the teamwork element. Airsoft cannot be played alone. The point of the game is of course the realistic simulation of the battlefield. The goals must be dynamic and human, which is why airsoft is also used in real combat training. At the civic level, many teams play paintball to enjoy a variety of events such as birthdays, staff formation days, various parties such as bachelor parties - and more. Of course you can just get to have fun with your friends even for no particular reason.

Tactical Preparation

Planning and coordination provides an experience with the mind, not just hands, and feet. A team that does not think tactically and does not make tactical coordination between its members - is likely to lose. Of course beyond the team thinking, each player is also aided by their own mind when participating in the game, and it is certainly not a meaningless run.

Raw, Aggressive And In Your Face

While the pain of an airsoft plastic BB striking your body is the same or possibly slightly less depending on the distance and location your are hit, compared to a paintball the sport sees a considerably larger number of injuries. This isn't just limited to being hit by an opponent but also the level of play is much more advanced and players will often be more agressive than paintball where most folks are just out to have some fun.

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