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tips to prepare for a job interview

Finding the job of your dreams can sometimes feel like an impossible task if you know what you want to do but have not had the ideal opportunity come along. Once you are focused on what subject area to narrow your search in, you might find that the opportunities will eventually come along if you work hard enough to find it. 

Once the prospect of a job interview is there, you will want to do all you can to make a good, lasting impression on your potential employer. So here is a guide on what you can do to impress your employer when you find yourself heading to an interview for an exciting opportunity. 

Do Research About The Company You Are Applying For 

It may seem obvious but this needs to be at the top of your list. Doing a background check and understanding what exactly the company does and how it was founded will be relevant to you as you want to understand what sort of employer you would be working for. You also want to comprehend how they began the business and what are their aims and mottos with regards to the company. You are going to look particularly stupid if you are sat in an interview situation and do not fully comprehend what type of business you would be working for. 

Understand The Role You Would Be Undertaking 

Again this links in with what the company actually does, but you will certainly want to know all the finer details about the job that you are applying for. It shouldn’t just be seen as another job that you simply applied for as you were trying to increase your chances of obtaining an interview but a real prospect at doing something you could potentially enjoy. So look into what the job offer entails and what you could bring to the role so that you are prepared for any questions relating to this that the interviewer may ask you. 

Avoid Lying on Your Resume 

You might be tempted to embellish the truth a little, but essentially you are just going to get caught out if you lie about your previous job experience or qualifications. Just be honest about what you have achieved regarding educational achievements and where you have worked before. If there are gaps in your resume you may want to have an answer prepared in case they ask you in the interview itself. But otherwise it should be an honest and open account of yourself and what you have achieved so far in life. 

Ensure You Have a Clean Driving License 

Your employer will do background checks on you including whether you hold a full, clean driving license. It is not going to create a good impression if you have outstanding fines or penalties on your license that you have failed to pay. So try to make sure that you pay off any fines and are honest if you have any points accumulated on your license. 

It will show up on your records if you have been caught speeding or not paid a parking ticket on time. The best solution is to contact a criminal defense lawyer who would be able to provide you with the appropriate legal advice. At least if your employer looks into why you were caught speeding and then you resolved it by taking a speed awareness course, this demonstrates that you took responsibility for your actions and tried to resolve the situation. 

Review Your Social Media Accounts

Employers are likely to do a background check on your social media accounts to gauge what sort of person you are. If there are embarrassing photos of you on a night out with friends you may want to change the privacy setting on your account so that your employer cannot see what you would look like drunk or you may want to remove it completely. You want to try and create a good impression on them so be mindful that they will be looking on your social media accounts to see what you generally post. So if there is anything that you would not like them to see, best to get rid of it once you have applied for the job.  

Dress Appropriately;

Presenting yourself in a clean, fresh suit will create a good impression on your employer so you will want to think about what you are going to wear to the interview. Having a shower and being clean and presentable is the best way to go about this so that you are turning up to the interview, well groomed and presentable. You want to look professional too, so avoid wearing really casual items and instead opt for a clean suit and smart shoes.

Check The Location of The Interview Beforehand 

It will be best to research where the interview will take place so that you are not rushing around on the day trying to search for it. If you can plan your journey in advance and allow for any traffic delays it will give you plenty of time to get there so that you do end up getting stressed about arriving on time and getting in a panic. It will then have a negative effect on your day if you arrive late, flustered and sweaty. 

Be Yourself 

Lastly, you shouldn't feel as though you have to be a completely different persona just to be able to impress your potential employer. It is a lot harder to try and pretend to be someone else than just be yourself. If they don’t choose you because of this then perhaps it is not the suitable workplace for you but you should never feel as though you can’t be yourself.

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