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How To Prepare For A Safe And Memorable Wilderness Hike

hiking tips to keep you safe

To make a hike memorable and good, you will need to prepare for it lest it becomes one to forget. Regardless of the number of days the trip will take, preparing for the hike will help avoid physical discomfort and over packing cases. But before packing for the hike, you will have to decide on the hike's destination and conduct some primary survey to determine what to carry for the hike. 

Here are useful tips on preparing for a hike, especially long hiking adventures.

Pick Your Trail

Before beginning to think of what to pack for the hiking trip, you must decide where to go for the hike, more so if you are a first-time hiker. Having the requisite knowledge of your trail will equip you with important information on your imminent hike, including the difficulty level, the distance to be covered both when going for the hike and during the hike, and the length of the hike.

Besides, picking your trail will also entail the time you will have for the hike, the distance to be covered, the trail elevation, and the travel logistics.

Prepare a First Aid Kit

A good first aid kit is essential for your gear, no matter how much time you spend outdoors in the past before going for a hike. You will always be very confident when going for hikes, skiing, or any other physical activity when accompanied with a first aid kit for preparedness to treat any injuries or complications that may occur along the way.

The first aid kit may seem to be quite a lot of work carrying on top of your hiking gear but remember learning how to conduct it at MYCPR NOW it is just as important carrying any other gear.

Pack your Hiking Essentials

Picking the right kind of backpack for your trip is key for its success and always try to stay as light as possible while packing the essentials. Besides the first aid kit you have already prepared, ensure you pack a water bottle, lunch, rain gear, sunglasses, and any other essentials you feel need in your backpack, such as water shoes for crossing a river if there is any.

Use the Three-Layer Approach

One of your areas of focus for the hike should be to choose the best clothing in the least space possible and the least weight possible. When considering layering, you should consider light, versatile clothes with a 3-layer approach, with each layer having definite roles for your trekking needs.

For example, the first layer of your clothing should be a base layer, with the second an insulating layer and the third an outer layer to offer you protection against wind and water. 

Pack Clothes From Head to Toe

After considering the 3-layer approach, consider the right clothes from your head down to the toe. Again, the goal is to keep the whole body warm, safe, and protected from any injury. 


Having the essential tips on preparing for the hike will make a difference between a memorable and an unforgettable one. Using the tips mentioned above will help you prepare for your hike and ultimately guarantee success.

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