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While tables are mainly purchased as practical pieces of furniture, they can become integral to your home interior design.

Of course, the table itself must fit in with the rest of the furniture - this is easy to do, given the huge selection of different materials, colors, and styles at VidaXL. However, how you decorate the table tops is also key in making them stand out and act as a stylish piece of your home design. Here are some of the top ideas on how you can do that! 

Pick A Theme

First and foremost, it’s always a good idea to pick a specific theme and stick to it when buying different decorations for your table tops. This could be as simple as opting for neutral, warm-toned colors or perhaps the opposite - loud and colorful. Sustainability is currently a common trend in many households too, with people leaning towards sustainable, minimal, and earthy decorations. However, your theme can be anything you want and you may switch it up for special occasions or simply when you get bored of it. Having the theme in the first place is a good way to make everything look more coherent.

Have A Centerpiece

Most table tops can benefit from a single centerpiece that draws in your attention, with everything else being smaller pieces to complement it. Again, this makes the whole thing look more consistent as well as creates a nice bit of symmetry to the table. For dining tables, this can be a big candle holder, a nice-looking lamp or any other kind of decoration, while a unique picture book may be enough for a modern design coffee table

Plants Make Everything Better

Having plants all over your home is always a great idea since they make every space look more lively and bring a bit of nature. This is no different when it comes to your table tops - simply adding plants can make them look much nicer and more decorated. There are so many types of plants you may use too - you can add greenery with a leafy plant or create a more colorful look with a bouquet of freshly picked flowers. If you struggle to keep your plants alive, you may also opt for fake ones or, another currently trendy option, pampas grass. 

The Devil’s In The Detail

When buying various small household items for our kitchen or living room, it can be easy to forget about the style of them - especially when we find good deals for practical things. But, if you really want your table tops to act as a decorative element within your interior design, you will have to try and think about both, practicality and style. For instance, when buying coasters or table linens, opt for colors and materials that work with your overall theme. This works with any other item too, such as the salt and pepper set, for example. Instead of making your dining table look tacky with branded seasoning bottles, get a more fashionable refillable set. 

Final Word

All in all, decorating your table tops can be a really fun and exciting activity. This is your chance to show a bit of personality and try your hand at styling and interior design. The most important thing to remember, however, is to stay consistent with your pieces and putting a bit of creative thought into it. 

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