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How To Make Your Office Work Space Nicer When You Return To The Office

ways that you can make office space nicer for your team

For millions of workers across the globe from Europe to the Americas and our friends down under in Australia, the past year has been an eye-opener. The experience we once accepted as being normal, working in an office, was turned on its head. With the pandemic in the last stages before a full recovery, many of those folks are facing the challenge of how to return to work in an office again. While we can't project for certain what that will look like, we know it will be a different experience. The office should no longer be looked at a dreaded place to visit but needs to be a welcoming destination where you can return to normalcy and a level of productivity not experienced since we were forced to work from home for health reasons.

Every business owner and entrepreneur wants their team of employees to work hard at all times. And why shouldn’t they? After all, they have a role within your company and that’s what they were hired to do! However, when the environment isn’t quite right, it can cause staff to feel uncomfortable in their workspace which, unfortunately, means that productivity levels can drop too. Luckily, you can put some simple things into place to make the office a nicer space to work in. take a look at these tips on how to make the office a more comfortable space for the sake of productivity.


Play Focus Music

Music is renowned for helping people to focus, and it could be a fantastic way of helping your staff achieve their potential. However, not everyone has the same music taste, therefore simply putting the radio on might not be very helpful. Instead, choose a focus music playlist on YouTube or Spotify, and play it in the background to help your employees gain focus and produce high-quality work.

Inspect The Equipment

When thinking of comfort in the office, it’s natural to think about office chairs and desks. Whilst this is an important component, you should also be sure to inspect the equipment your team are working on. Perhaps their screen is positioned in an awkward way, or their desk space isn’t big enough to comfortably fit their keyboard? If this is the case, consider other options such as standing desks, adjustable screen heights, and ergonomic keyboards to bring maximum comfort to your employees whilst they’re at work.

Add Some Touches Of Home

The last thing you want is for an employee to feel so comfortable that they relax as if they were at home. However, adding homely touches into the office can help familiarise the space and therefore help your team feel more comfortable in the workplace. A person that’s happy with their surroundings is more likely to work harder and produce better work in the long run. Try adding touches such as lamps, plants, and cushions in the break room to help your staff unwind during their lunch break.

Give Incentives!

A nice space doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change it aesthetically. The way someone feels in a room can depend on personal relationships and how they are treated by you and their peers. Try providing incentives such as a days of paid leave for reaching targets to turn your office into a friendly yet competitive space. Keeping a tally displayed where everyone can see it will help keep up motivation levels.

Choose Your Lighting Wisely

Finally, the light in your office can make a huge difference on someone’s mood, and can even cause headaches and migraines. This, of course, will cause productivity levels to drop. Try and let in as much natural lighting as possible for better moods and higher productivity levels! If this isn’t possible, be sure to use warmer and softer lighting to ensure no ailments are caused by the wrong lighting in your office.

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