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How To Adjust To A Sudden Permanent Disability

An illness or accident that leaves you with a sudden disability can be shocking, but the faster you accept and make the required adjustments, the easier the process. Most men love being self-sufficient and independent, and a disability threatens that. Let therapists help you make the adjustments as you face the reality of what you can or can't do on your own. The good thing is, you can still live a fulfilling life as long as you are ready to work hard to make the adjustments.  How do you deal with the sudden disability?

Understand that You Are Enabled Differently

Disability doesn't have to render you useless. You can still go to work, take care of your family responsibilities and remain a man many can depend on. Just understand what you need to change. For instance, you may have to remodify your car or find out the available options in the market suitable for your needs. Your home may also need modifications to make it wheelchair friendly if you use one or make it easier to do most of the things on your own. You can still make a meal, clean dishes, play with the children but with the right home modifications. The most significant adjustment is in your mind. Once you accept the disability, making life modifications becomes easier.

Aside from making the adjustment in your mind, you should also look at the tools that can help you make your life more accessible. This can include not just home modifications, but the choice of the right disability aids. For instance, mobile and lightweight wheelchairs, can help you get around and travel a lot more easily. Because they are easy to carry and transport, you can still travel and leave the home more regularly, allowing you to make sure your life isn’t overly limited by your disability.

Don't let the Disability Hurt Your Life

Have a positive attitude and aim at going around obstacles. So what if you can't drive a regular car? Find the disability-friendly options available in the market. However, accept your limitations. You may have to change jobs, get a more flexible work schedule, or have someone assist you with some responsibilities. You may have to relearn old skills you took for granted or use aids to make life more manageable. Be patient with yourself, and at the same time, don't be embarrassed.

Also, have realistic goals. It may be a difficult journey learning to do things on your own or acquiring new skills. You may have to look for a more flexible job but let it not be a priority. Also, don't feel bad when you can't land a job that pays as well as your former one did. Let financial success not be a priority at the moment but build a more meaningful life. Take advantage of the government, employment, insurance, and non-governmental organizations' aids to people living with disabilities to help make the required adjustments and provide for your family needs.

Accept Help

The greatest struggle for an independent man who suddenly loses mobility or becomes disabled is to ask for help. You may need help with simple tasks such as putting on clothes or getting to the bathroom, but it makes things more challenging if you feel embarrassed asking for help. Let your doctors, therapists, family, and friends help you learn new life skills that enable you to become less dependent.

Understand and accept that asking for help doesn't make you weak. Also, people may misunderstand you sometimes but don't cut essential ties. Join a local support group, make new friends, and aim to be happier despite the challenges. 

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